Fortress Investment Group

Fortress investment group is a globally recognized company that specializes in raising, investing and managing assets. These assets include real estate, credit, private equity and permanent capital investment deals. This equity firm was founded back in 1998 as a private investment company owned by Wes Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. The company’s current co principles are New York-based Randal Nardone, San Francisco-based Peter Briger, and Wes Edens. The main areas of professionalism for this company include operations management, asset-investment, Corporate Merges and acquisition and capital markets.

Fortress Investment Group gathered unspeakable fame when it first introduced the initial public offering (IPO). This was the time when it became the first private investment company to land on the New York stock exchange (NYSE). Fortress investment group is a firm believer in everyday expansion. It recently integrated a strategy to help its investors in acquiring a wholly secured ipass investment. The firms excellent customer services have seen it rise to the top.

Ipass is a reputable provider of global connectivity options. Through the ipass financing, the company aims at increasing revenue and facilitate more productivity. Various assets protect the loan investment by ipass. These include the smart connect technology and patent portfolio. Riley financial company which deals with capital markets, liquidation, principal investment, valuation, and appraisal, brokered the deal. This is a well-known company that adds security is such kind of high-profit deals. That being said, the Fortress-ipass deal met and exceeded the company’s valuation standards and protocols.

Most businesses in the world embrace the acquisition strategy as a means of keeping them in sustenance. However, Fortress investment operates the same way but with additional benefits to the shareholders. The Fortress Investment Group made a 3.3 billion dollars deal regarding its accusation by Softbank. This deal was made in July 2017 but officially launched in December the same year. Besides, the company owns Wes Eden’s’ Brightline train which is the only privately owned and managed passage rail network.

This rail network connects Miami and Fort Lauderdale easing the hassles Florida residents have faced for many years. This is a hi-tech train that offers luxurious features such as complimentary WIFI, power outlets, USM ports, wide aisles, leather seats among other irresistible features. Since its formation, Fortress Investment Group has advanced to become more than just an equity firm. It has ever since become a globally recognized trendsetter. The company uses innovation as the primary strategy for a flourishing.