Paul Mampilly Is Making The Average Investor Better

Paul Mampilly is a well-known investor in the United States that has managed to make a fortune for himself and retire by the age of 42 years old. Although he retired from the daily trading of stocks on wall street, Paul Mampilly still dedicates time each day to write for Banyan Hill Publishing, one of the biggest financial congregates out there today. Thousands of investors tune in on a daily basis to see the latest tips and strategies that have been publishing to Banyan Hill by there many great financial experts. Paul Mampilly is a senior editor for Banyan Hill Publishing and currently runs his own newsletter which brings in more than 90,000 readers per issue.

This newsletter is known as Profits Unlimted and Paul Mampilly fills it which detailed information on how other investors can make small changes to their investment game to make big profits in the long run. Today, Paul Mampilly works for Banyan Hill Publishing, but he has worked at various different companies in the past in the financial sector, including the likes of Deutsche Bank, Stansberry Research, Kinetics Asset Management, Royal Bank, and many more. Through his work at these companies, Paul was able to build a vast amount of information and compile his own methods for investing in the US markets.

When it comes to finances and investing, Paul already knows all that he needs to know and he certainly has achieved the success he wanted. These days, Paul just wants to help the little guy make his way up the ladder of the investment industry with detailed and thorough information. More than just helping investors find ways to enhance their careers, Paul works to help his readers maintain their results and expand on them in the future as well. One of the biggest mistakes that he sees new investors make is shooting for high risk investing or putting all their money into one stock, which is one of the worst ideas for someone just starting out.