Jim Toner’s Real Estate Venture is as Strong as Ever

Jim Toner is a man who acquired his wealth of experience through handwork. He is most well known for making real estate investment advice more user-friendly for the average consumer. Individuals come from all over the world to hear his speeches and his discussions have inspired countless listeners. However, it was not always like this for him. In a recent article on the website Medium, Jim Toner describes some of the struggles he faced over his career.

From working on basic level deals, to scoring television appearances, throughout the 2000s Jim Toner’s career was going smoothly. It was not until 2010, when it hit screeching halt. A person known as the “guru” in Arizona stole all of his money. Jim Toner wanted out of the industry, and from there he used his fame to simply help other companies and individuals. It wasn’t until his friend contacted him and made him realize that the Real Estate market still had more potential to tap into.

He thought long and hard about it, but Jim Toner ultimately decided to return to the real estate world. There were just two conditions he put in place: He would pick which market to participate in and personally select the best local investor he knew. Jim toner choose Akron, Ohio as his new start program. They would be on the ground making deals personally, and build their portfolio for each city they went to. The second venture back into market proved to be very successful.

The 25 year career path of Jim Toner as not been without its ups and downs. After a successful early run, he nearly lost it all. However, thanks to support from individuals around him, Jim Toner made a complete rebound back into the real estate industry. His experiences have helped numerous individuals learn about and understand the real estate. He takes his own advice to heart, and he looks to have a long bright road ahead. More info about Jim’s team here.

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Francisco Domenech journey in politics

Francisco Domenech is a national of Puerto Rico. He is a lawyer and the director of bipartisan government affairs firm in Puerto Rico. He held a position in Puerto Rico in the Office of Legislative Services as one of the Directors from the year 2005 to 2008. In 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Francisco was a delegate to Democratic National Convention. In 2003, he was the President of the Puerto Rico Young Democrats where he served for seven years and two years as the vice president. He has also been actively involved in politics for instance in 2016 he was the campaign manager of Jennifer Gonzalez who held the position of Resident Commissioner in Washington D.C. View Francisco Domenech’s profile at linkedin.com

Francisco obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1999 and 2003 a Juris Doctor degree in University of Puerto School of Law. In 2016 the 40 under40 annual events held in Puerto Rico for young professionals and entrepreneurs nominees were voted online. The nominees ranged from agriculture, human resource, architecture, engineering, information technology, and advertising to health care. Domenech Francisco received the most votes as revealed by Schoene.

As part of his political life, In 2007 Francisco Domenech was appointed by Hillary Clinton to be part of his chief campaigners and currently head of her Finance Committee. Being the campaign spokesman, he organized fundraisers in Puerto Rico for the super PAC. He has been a co-chair of Hillblazers, which is an outcome of young professionals inspired by Hillary. In 2016 Francisco gave his all to support Clinton in her candidacy as he believed that she was in a position to bring back the country to its position. Clinton believed that with the help of Domenech in his campaigns, America needs would be addressed.

Additionally, Francisco Domenech has supported Republican for Congress. Reports show that he not only help in the campaigns but also has he funded the processes through donations. He led a fourteen-month campaign in Washington DC that contributed to Jennifer Gonzalez elected as the youngest woman to represent Puerto Rico in the U.S Congress.

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Property Tycoon On The Rise

Today, Sajwani is the Middle East’s highest-profile company partner of the Trump Organization, together with Damac teaming up with the Trump family company on two golf courses in Dubai. DAMAC proprietor Hussain Sajwani entered the luxury property development business in 2002, they’ve assembled several improvements that contain quite luxurious villas and flats that are promoted to foreigners who do business in the UAE. Hussain Sajwani is equally the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the company, which has operations in many industries such as food catering, luxury property development, hospitality providers, and investment.

I believe every second, failure and success part of that I’ve become now.” Hussain Sajwani, the creator, and chairman of all DAMAC possessions has witnessed that the booms and busts and also the return to boom times for the Dubai real estate market. Hussain Sajwani, the creator, and chairman of all DAMAC possessions has witnessed that the booms and busts along with also the return to boom times for the Dubai real estate market. Hussain Sajwani is possibly best known for his firm Dubai based property and growth company, DAMAC, also for being among the wealthiest and most influential men in the whole of, not his town, but also the whole of the Middle East.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – 13 April 2017: Hussain Sajwani, Founder, Chairman and CEO of DAMAC Properties, a top luxury property developer in the area, took place amongst property CEOs and ranked number 11 on the record of 100 regional CEOs at the Very Best CEO Awards 2017, held in Jeddah recently. Sajwani’s know-how and experience in the business of property development in advertising, sales, legal, finance, and management are among the essential drivers of the organization’s success and now, DAMAC Properties has many prestigious jobs in key worldwide cities such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Amman, Beirut, Jeddah, Riyadh, and London.

Hussain Sajwani, a UAE national, is the founder and Chairman of International property growth Business DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani, a UAE national, is the founder and Chairman of international land development Business, DAMAC Properties. Hussain Sajwani is the chairman of Dubai-based luxury property developer Damac Properties, which he founded in 2002.

DAMAC Properties is a publically-listed luxury property development firm that deals with shares on the Dubai Financial Market. Hussain Sajwani is the founder and Chairman of International property development company DAMAC Properties He’s currently a graduate from the University of Washington, with researched Economics and Industrial Engineering.

The DAMAC Owner‘s company is luxury property developer providing unrivaled living adventures in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates.

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Vijay Eswaran’s Business and Personal Philosophies

Vijay Eswaran learned leadership skills from his father at a tender age. He was taught that a good leader is the one who is willing and knows how to serve others. He watched his father work tirelessly to develop people and make them focus on his selfless work.

He believes that a leader is one who puts other people’s needs before their own. Vijay was significantly influenced by books about life philosophies of prominent leaders globally. These leaders were great servants with served roles beyond their interests.

Qualities of Servant Leadership

Good leaders should care for their subjects. In the case of a business, if you take good care of your employees, they will in turn care for your clients. So, servant leadership will care for others unconditionally without constraint and restraint.

Servant leadership calls for clear vision. The vision will make one to set goals to meet. When you have a clear idea and goals to achieve, communicate them to your subjects so that you can reach the objectives together. If you show them the way, everybody will understand their role and appreciate to be part of the organization.

Vijay Eswaran believes that leaders with core values of acceptance, truth, and honesty will achieve their goals with little efforts. These values will run down your whole system, and the organization will play their role with trust and confidence in you.

Commitment is very crucial to the growth of any organization. This value should be displayed in servant leadership for others to emulate. When everybody is committed, the business will automatically grow.

Since no leader chose to lead but was driven by passion, they need to sacrifice for others. Besides, they should be ready and willing to serve others by sacrificing time and resources for the sake of achieving their goals. Then, they prove to be real leaders.

Robert Ivy Is Recognized For An Amazing Body Of Work

Robert Ivy has been a master of his craft for many years. He is a member of several different elite organizations and has been recognized by a variety of focus groups over the years. Robert is an award-winning architect who has made a significant impact in his chosen field. His latest honor was given in the form of the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. The award is presented by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters.

This is a notable achievement for Robert Ivy. Previous honorees of the award include Morgan Freeman and Walter Anderson. The honor is meant to recognize those who have achieved above level success in their chosen profession and are associated with the state of Mississippi.

Robert Ivy will be noted as the first architect presented with the NIAL. His unique approach to architecture has made the industry more accessible to the general public. Robert is an author and commentator who has used his talent to translate the art of architecture to a broader audience.

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Robert Ivy is the CEO of the American Institute of Arts. He took on the role in 2011 and spread the organization’s influence to an international level. Membership at the American Institute of Arts has reached its highest point in the 160 year history of the group.

The Architectural Record has accumulated a number of different awards under Ivy’s leadership. These achievements are notable because many of them come from organizations that do not normally honor professional journals.

Robert Ivy has gone on to receive the Crain Award. The Crain award is a unique achievement because it is normally not awarded to an individual person. Ivy holds the title of Master Architect from the Alpha Rho Chi National Architectural fraternity. He is one of only seven members of the fraternity to hold this title in its 100 Year history.

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Fortress Investment Group And Its History Are Uncovered Right Here – You WON’T BELIEVE What You See!

Not that many people are familiar with Fortress Investment Group, a relatively new alternative portfolio and investment management firm located in the one and only New York City – the Big Apple – in the great state of New York. Fortress Investment Group was created by three people who, believe it or not, all came from genuinely unique backgrounds: Wes Edens, best known as being involved in the ownership of the NBA’s – professional basketball – very own Milwaukee Bucks franchise, a relatively small electronic sports team that doesn’t make anywhere near as much as the Milwaukee Bucks, and for founding other companies mostly related to finance; Randal Nardone, another one of the three original founders of Fortress Investment Group, who is still a principal of the investment firm today; lastly, Rob Kauffman was the third stooge to found Fortress Investment Group some 20 years ago, though he retired as the only other principal outside of the aforementioned two principals and co-founders in 2012.

To kick off Fortress Investment Group’s assets under trained management with $400 million was nothing short of remarkable for an entirely new business that hadn’t at all been established at the time.

Later on – no more than just five full calendar years down the proverbial road – Fortress Investment Group was in control of just less than $4 billion of assets under control – rather, it was just $100 million short of $4 billion – $3.9 billion.

Fortress has always been private equity, but not any longer

Private equity investment firms purchase 100 percent of businesses that such investment firms’ managerial staff think are solid choices to succeed in general. Venture capital firms are different than private equity entirely, because they never buy out the whole 100 percent; rather they’ll buy out between a few percentage points and 50 percent, for example.

Fortress is slated to raise $2 billion so it can start lending money and make a lot of cash money in return. After SoftBank Group Corp. – often shortened to SoftBank – the firm desires the ability to lend very strongly.

Why Jacob Gottlieb Is Winding Down Visium

Jacob Gottlieb has been in the financial industry for 20 years. He got his start at Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. where he analyzed companies in the worldwide healthcare industry. As a graduate of New York University’s School of Medicine where he earned his medical degree, his educational background made him well-suited for this position. He moved on and briefly worked for Merlin Biomed Group before joining Balyasny Asset Management.

While at Balyasny he put together a very experienced team and became this company’s top earner. He wanted to manage even more money and so Jacob Gottlieb decided to form his own financial company which would be wholly focused on investing in healthcare companies. He took the team he created at Balyasny with him when he left and founded Visium in 2005. Visium was started with $300 million in seed money. In 2016, Visium was managing $8 billion in its hedge fund and employed 170 people.

Jacob Gottlieb says that a bond mis-marking resulted in his hedge fund collapsing. As a result he is the only senior executive left at this company as he works to wind it down in an orderly fashion. He remains as this company’s chief investment officer and says he will continue to manage Visium until his job is complete, going down like the captain does on a sinking ship.

The team members that Jacob Gottlieb had brought with him from Balasny have since gone in very different directions. Joshua Brown was a partner at Visium and was also a portfolio manager. He left Visium and now works at Paulson & Co. as a senior vice president. Steven Ku had been the chief operating officer at Visium. He decided to leave the financial industry behind and is now at NextGen Church where he is the executive minister.

Ron Belldegrun had played a pivotal role at Visium. After he left he co-founded a new investment firm called Consumer Health Ventures. Neetu Dhaliwal had spent six years working at Visium as a senior analyst. Not much is known what he is up to nowadays except that he continues to be a healthcare investor.


How to protect children from sexual abuse, by Jeff Herman

Jeff Herman is an advocate dedicated to making our country free of sex predators and institutions that perpetrate such activities. He goes beyond his normal duties to provide insights and pieces of advice on issues sexual, including tips on how to prevent the vulnerable part of society, children, from sexual abuse.

Sexual predators lurk on every platform, online or offline, and it is the responsibility of parents to make sure their kids do not fall for them. Children are vulnerable to such crimes, and at times they may not be aware that they have been abused hence choose to let the vice continue, or feel guilty of having let it happen in the first place and never speak about it to anyone. Jeff postulates that communication with children is key to make them aware of such sexual predators, and he goes ahead to list several ways in which the message can be passed on better.

Mind the child’s age

Children of different ages take in information depending on their level of understanding and the way the parent communicates. Communication should start at an early age and simple language should be used to make the young ones understand body parts that are private and not allow anyone to touch them inappropriately.

No is also an answer

The child should know that ‘no’ for an answer is acceptable when they feel uncomfortable around a person and they should not accept anything they do not feel like taking part in.

Use examples

When you use illustrations of real-life situations or people that the kids should be wary off, they are more prone to take your message. Make them aware of tell-tale signs that should make them resist any advances towards them.

Continuous conversation

Make the talk about sex a continuous topic as they grow older and keep such communication as open as open so that you can be aware of any change in their lives if any.

Parents should always be wary of all types of adults in their kids’ lives and watch out for signs of sexual abuse in their kids going by any change in their usual trends. Vigilance is continuous.

Website link: chronicleweek.com/2018/07/jeff-herman-shares-tips-protect-children-sexual-abuse/

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Vinod Gupta: Generating leads for a better generation

Leaving a mark in the lead generation industry..

In 1972, Vinod Gupta the owner and CEO was able to open his company with a $100 dollar investment. He was able to use the mastering of his skills in the lead generation industry, to build his company into a multimillion-dollar company-selling it for $680 million dollars in 2010. His savvy and philanthropic approach to business has been a successful recipe for all of us to learn.

Vinod Gupta comes from a history of working in the lead-generation & networking industry. His dedication to providing a better lead generation system for his clients is where his desire to strive above his competition comes from. His goal is to connect business owners and customers through a medium called Infofree.com. Infofree.com is a business website that brokers the connection and creating a business relationship between businesses and customers. Companies pay a monthly fee to sell or market their product or service on inforfree.com, then once the initiation has been made, they both can take their business project and move forward with it.

There is so much competition in the lead generation industry, so Vinod Gupta studied his competitors and their products and spent countless hours understanding how the customers in that industry navigate when trying to find a product or service. This pushed him into creating a simpler and more user-friendly platform for people to use. He also made it affordable and possible for businesses to market directly to their “niche” customers, instead of being thrown into a large pool of undecided or unvetted customers.

It’s small but yet simple changes that show the detailed concerns that Vinod Gupta has and how invested he is in providing advantageous solutions for everyone on both sides of the spectrum. Inforfree.com has over 100,000 users and 10,000 subscribers because it works, the freemium model works, especially from a business owner’s perspective. From the unlimited leads to the long email-lists that are provided from infrofree.com through their CRM package that only costs the business owner’s $49.99 a month-it’s a win, win. We could all take a page out of Vinod Gupta’s playbook and can respect the hard work and dedication that he continues to still do.

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Surf Air Enhances Membership Privileges

Surf Air, the nation’s first membership-based all-you-can-fly charter airline, has just struck a deal to enhance its already impressive list of member benefits. The California based company, founded in 2013, offers its members substantial travel amenities including private airports, deals on certain destinations, exclusive flying routes, discounted fares, and ease of use and accessibility with the help of a sleek and easy to navigate app. Its premium membership– running about $3000– includes destinations on the East Coast, California, Texas, and Europe. Surf Air operates its European routes with its partner, JetClass.

In order to celebrate its 5 year anniversary, Surf Air has partnered with 3 new companies to increase membership, and enhance existing member benefit packages. Their new partnership with Private Suite LAX offers Premium and Preferred members a complimentary annual membership– a $4500 value– in addition to private rooms, private TSA screenings, and the promise of hassle-free flying. Members also receive preferred rates to the newly built private terminal in the Los Angeles International Airport. Boarding passes and baggage are handled privately, and members have access to preflight time in private suites.

Surf Air’s second partnership is with All Roads North, a California based company offering exclusive, curated travel experiences all throughout California, brought upon by local experts. Members can now enjoy tailormade journeys led by locals with superior knowledge of the areas as well as luxury hotels, lodges, and the best California has to offer.

Air Surf’s final membership enhancement comes in the form of a partnership with FoundersCard, a community of over 20,000 innovators who enjoy a mountain of benefits including complimentary elite status, priority check-in, and savings off standard fares. FoundersCard also provides members with privately negotiated rates, cancellation privileges, and access to their personal list of top hotels, resorts, and lodging in the country.

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