Alex Pall and The Next Phase of The Chainsmokers’ Approach To Writing Songs

Some of the songs you hear today in the field of EDM are all just hooks and rhythms, more on getting people to listen to the song than engage with the song in a deeper level. It’s no longer about the words anymore. It’s now about the bass, the hook, the hit and the elevation of destroying your eardrums to its last muscle. Fortunately, we still have bands like The Chainsmokers who seem to be all out in giving the experience of music to anyone like nothing they had experienced before. This is because the DJ duo is not just on the basics. It’s not just doing anything based on how they think the market would like them. Their entire picture of their career is rooted in just telling a story in the form of an electric music beat.

The Alex Pall Interview Reveals It All

We may be able to read articles and interviews about how The Chainsmokers is doing, but if you want to learn more about Alex Pall and the product they offered and would be providing for its listeners, it’s the one from The Interview Magazine that we should read.

In the interview, we learned that since years ago, the duo band has been churning out some of the most impressive tracks and highly anticipated songs that put so much passion into its process than any other work known today. By injecting a song that requires good storytelling and a rather divergent layers of meaning, Alex Pall can increase the expectation of the listeners, make them want more and make them listen to the duo’s songs more. More importantly, Alex Pall does all this just in the comfort of his DJ booth, and that’s something that no other music band can seem to do.

It is also in the interview that we learned that the band is foraying into a more personalized approach to creating their music. Their ambition is to make all their songs filled with words and stories, and not just with a faceless feel or template that’s normally a common thing in all electronic dance music. It is also the ambition of The Chainsmokers as a band to be more intimate with their music. Truly, Alex Pall wants to do more.

The Interesting Life of Wengie

If you’d like to learn more about Wengie’s life story you can watch it here Wengie was born on January 9, 1986 and she moved to Australia when she was very young. As a child she loved ice cream and got her grandpa to buy her an ice cream every Sunday. Wengie was raised by her Grandparents and a nanny until she was four and when she saw her parents for the first time, she didn’t recognize them.


Her family moved to Sydney when she was seven and her family was quite poor so she created a lot her own DIY toys to play with. Wengie was shy in school and in an attempt to make friends in high school, she tried to socialize more. When the internet came out, she created her own websites. Her brother Jim was born when she was in her senior years of high school.


She applied for an accounting scholarship and landed an accounting job right out of university. She moved out of the house at the age of 24 and after working in accounting for four years, she decided to become a social media consultant. She landed lots of clients and worked insane hours but she loved her new job. She even started her own fashion and beauty blog. On February 11, 2013 Wengie launched her own channel. She got engaged to her fiancé in Yosemite National Park in August 2015 and her social media family has grown to over I million followers.