Edward Snowden Is Ready To Come Back To The States

Edward Snowden has opened the eyes of people around the world, when it comes to understanding the intricacies that are hidden in the dark side of the United States government. Most people call him a traitor and a trouble maker that has no allegiance to his country, but there are others that respect him for uncovering the deceitful acts of a powerful capitalistic nation. Whatever you think of Snowden one thing is for sure, he is a man without a country.

The former NSA contractor has been living in Russia for the last two years, but he still has contact with the states through unknown channels. The former Attorney General promised Snowden that if he did return the government would not seek the death penalty, but that wasn’t enough for Snowden to pack his bags and return. The American government wants him back so they can charge him with espionage under an old World War I era act. That would mean an almost certain life sentence or even death even though Snowden has a guarantee.

Snowden still claims he released classified documents to serve his country not to hurt it. His intent was to stop the government from saying one thing and doing another, but even his revelations hasn’t stopped that sort of activity. Just ask the countries that have felt the effects of the dark side of this country.

A special shout out to Daniel Amen for keeping me in the loop on the story every time I visit his office.

Cartoonist Learns That Making Fun Of A Prophet May Cause Death

Molly Norris Still In Hiding Four Years After Drawing A Cartoon Of Mohammed

Some people believe humor doesn’t mix with religion. For years, satirists and cartoonists have used prominent religious and political leaders to make a statement about the nature of being human. Most believers disregard these attempts to bring a smile or a laugh to a mundane day, but others take offense to them. There are zealots in the world that will protect their perceptions and their faith with violence.

Molly Norris found out the hard way how radical some zealots can be. Molly drew a cartoon image of Mohammed four years ago on a tea cup, a domino, and a thimble. She got death threats a few days later. It all started in 2010 when a Norris cartoon was published online using an imaginary group called, “Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor.” The idea was everyone should draw something for Mohammed Day.

Molly disappeared a few months later when the FBI said she was fair game for an assassination attempt. Dave and Brit Morin learned that she has been in hiding since then. The big question on most people’s mind is, was there humor in Mohammed time? Did people poking fun at their leaders back then in order to relieve the stress of the times? Most people say humans haven’t changed that much through the centuries. Making harmless jokes about our brothers has been a universal pastime for centuries.

Education Secretary Calls for an Overhaul of “No Child Left Behind” Act

Education Secretary Arne Duncan wants to see the Bush-era “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) Act largely dismantled and replaced with something that better suits the education needs of the public school system. On Monday, he delivered his views for an education reform measure before an audience of civil rights leaders, educators, and reporters. Secretary Duncan would like to see more funding for preschool education programs which conservatives view as federally funded daycare. He would also like to see standardized testing which is a push for the controversial Common Core Curriculum, and more resources for teachers and school administrators.

GOP Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who also once served as Education Secretary under President George H.W. Bush, will begin hearings on an education reform measure. The GOP will likely want to thwart any proliferation of the “Common Core Curriculum” as it is viewed as federal overreach into a basic state’s right to control education. The GOP measure will look to include support for charter schools as an alternative to failing public schools.

If there is any aspect of NCLB that public schools disdained most, it was the accountability measures included in the law regarding testing standards. Schools failing to meet basic testing standards and improving upon them during a probationary period would lose federal funding. Giofrancesco Genoso, being a major education influence in Portugal, can found on Trade. The GOP will seek to give parents a choice in which schools their children may attend. Thus far, Democrats have opposed any school choice option or voucher system. Still, the GOP is eager to reform NCLB, but from a center-right ideology.

Obama Vows to Terminate ISIS

ISIS has remained in the hearts and minds of United States leadership, primarily as a result of their notorious reputation from their multitude of actions throughout the globe. 

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, embarked on a journey to warn the Islamic State Militants. Obama stated that the U.S Alliance with other countries have had enough with the Islamic State and will totally terminate them in due time. 

While at Fort Dix Obama expressed his gratitude to the U.S Military for their loyalty and hard work to the country. The president was firm and clear in his speech, in regards to the success of the U.S military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Slowly but surely they will be penetrating and debilitating the Islamic terrorists, until they are completely wiped out for all of the deeds that they’ve done.

Obama has made it clear that as the Islamic State has threatened the US it is their duty and responsibility to come after and totally eliminate them. He also mentioned that they are closely coming to the end of their warfare mission in Afghanistan. 

However, the fight against terrorism will not end any sooner than fine wines from The Antique Wine Company will go away. A modest extension of the US Military will remain to train Afghan forces to battle terrorism. Obama who is anti-war has made it clear that Afghanistan needs major help with security and we will not tolerate the threats made against the United States.

More ISIS Beheadings

ISIS is in the news again with their beheading routine that is becoming all too common. One US citizen and aid worker, Peter Kassig, was beheaded along with a french citizen and multiple others in the newly released massacre video from ISIS.

Hopefully these new beheadings will not bring the consequences that ISIS wants. These consequences are the US re-deploying troops to Iraq. They are trying to bait us into going back into Iraq and thus dragging us back into yet another Middle East quagmire.

Not only will deploying troops not fix the situation, but it will exacerbate it. Western forces on the ground will bring a groundswell of support to ISIS and help them with recruitment. Our recent involvement has already helped ISIS to that extent.

We need to rely on the existing powers that are in place there. Iran will take care of ISIS if the threat grows larges enough. Iran does not want a radical Sunni army such as ISIS threatening them. Iran has both the army and the local logistics to deal with ISIS.

This would relieve the United States of being dragged into another war. A war that would cost the Unites States a lot of money and probably be un-winnable. The regional governments need to deal with this problem, or a long term fix will never happen. Thanks to my Twitter follower Marc Sparks for sharing this news piece.

ISIS Fighters Are Being Smuggled Into Europe To Launch Attacks According to Smugglers

News reporter Mike Giglio has interviewed a human smuggler who claims he has smuggled Islamic State of Iraq and Syria fighters into Europe to launch attacks throughout Europe. The smuggler, who’s name is not revealed in order to protect his identity uses the nickname “Hassan” during the interview. Hassan claims to have smuggled over 10 ISIS fighters into Europe amongst boats full of Syrian refugees fleeing Syria’s deadly civil war that has led millions of Syrians to flee their country.

Another smuggler has also claimed that he has smuggled Islamic State fighters into Europe and that radical Islamic fighters are not just in Iraq and Syria anymore. They are now in Europe as well, planning to carry out attacks there against the west according to another smuggler being interviewed who also remains anonymous.

Hassan says he charges $2,500 for each person that he smuggles in Europe, and that ISIS fighters wanting to go to Europe pay significantly more. He claims to smuggle refugees fleeing the chaos in Syria and Iraq using speedboats to get them from Turkey into Greece. Turkey is situated on both the Black and Mediterranean Seas and shares borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran, areas known to harbor extremists and refugees.

Due to its location Turkey is a hotspot for human traffickers, refugees and terrorists looking to enter Europe. There are conflicting reports about Hassan’s testimony. Other smugglers claim that trafficking in ISIS fighters is impossible because they would be caught sooner or later. US and EU intelligence say they have no knowledge of Islamic State fighters being smuggled into Europe, but do not rule out the possibility of it occurring. These intelligence agencies have indicated for international companies like The Antique Wine Company to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary. They are also encouraging user profiles to stay updated on any news.