How To Start A Profitable Career With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is wine company that sells its bottles directly to the public through their network of Wine Guides. The Wine Guides are independent contractors who operate their own business out of their homes. They are free to set their own hours, working as much as little as their schedule allows. Some Wine Guides start a very big operation with their own network of Wine Guides working for them.

A Wine Guide creates wine tasting events at their customer’s homes which are attended by their friends and family. Unlike the stuffiness of many wine tastings, the Traveling Vineyard wine tastings are designed to be informal and fun. After the wine tasting is over the people that attended can order as many bottles of wine as they desire of whichever Traveling Vineyard wines they enjoyed. These bottles are delivered directly to their door.

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An aspiring Wine Guide starts with a Success Kit. This kit includes everything they need to get started such as marketing forms, tasting glasses, a traveling kit, wine accessories, and enough Traveling Vineyard wine for them to host their first two tastings. They also have access to Traveling Vineyard’s training program, called “The Tasting Room”. This teaches the Wine Guide absolutely everything they need to know about wine in order successfully hold a wine tasting event. “The Tasting Room” also includes information on how a Wine Guide can operate their business and the ins and outs of running their own company.

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Good Wine Choices When Dining Out

A good glass of wine can help make any meal even better. Wine has been part of a meal for many decades. In that time, people around the world have embraced wine as an excellent beverage that helps bring out all kinds of flavors in any food. The unique hints of floral undertones in many wines are just right for a classic sauce that has many notes and varied subtle hints. A glass of wine will also vary depending on multiple factors. Understanding how wines from the Napa Valley differ from the kind of wines that are grown in Germany or South Africa can help someone pick out the best possible wine choice for any meal.

Knowing what kind of wine that works well with fish or what wines can be good to serve with chicken stew are important when planning either a meal at home or one at a fine restaurant. Many restaurants offer diners a choice of wines and the option of bringing their own with their meal. The kind of wine that makes sense with any meal will depend on many factors including the type of meat being served as well as the tastes of any guests who are present there.

Learning about wine can be fun on one’s own. Many people spend years studying on their own. However, others wish to get assistance if possible. The best possible help can provide people with the kind of assistance they need in order to construct a wine pairing that works well with all menu items as well as any toasts that may follow the meal. The right help can also help people feel more confident in social situations. A skilled host will want to make sure that any guests who come over are happier and relaxed.

One such company is the Antique Wine Company. This United Kingdom based company is headquartered in London. Run by Stephen Williams, the company offers all kinds of services for their customers including the chance to take classes in wine production and wine education. With their skilled help, many people are able to walk into any restaurant knowing that they can pick out the best possible wine choices for any meal they are planning. Those who work with company will be able to read a wine menu better and learn what kind of terminology is used on a standard restaurant wine menu.