George Soros And The Tragedy Of The European Union.

The European Union has apparently been facing the toughest years of its existence in the last five years. These problems have consistently revealed themselves since the wake of the global financial crisis of 2008.
However, an observation from seasoned investor and socio-political activist George Soros highlights the lack of leadership and purpose. The regional bloc has been criticized for losing sight of the fundamental principles that led to its formation. He condemns the ruling elite for lacking solutions.
George Soros uses the Russian domestic and foreign policy to demonstrate his assertions. Russia has scaled its use of force and aggression both domestically and along its border. The latest conflict with Ukraine has threatened to escalate into a fully-fledged war leaving millions of people vulnerable.
European citizens are losing faith in the system. The recent regional parliamentary elections saw opposition parties scoop a third of the electoral seats. This outcome reveals the resentment and apathy among the member states. According to Soros, the truth stands for itself, the actions of states like Russia undermine the spirit of the union.
The choice to violate treaty obligations by Russia discredits the autonomy of the regional bloc. The situation gets worse with the reluctance of countries to confront Russia. In other parts of the continent, refugees have been seeking asylum from the war-torn Eurasia region. As the refugees trickle in, constant threats of terrorism have affected the continent.
The regional bloc has been condemned for lacking a comprehensive refugee policy. The manageable humanitarian crisis looks set to spill over into a political war. George Soros highlights the selfishness and tendency to guard national interests and neglect the humanitarian principles. The refugees face hostility from their European hosts who continue to shut down their borders.
The Syrian humanitarian crisis must receive the rapid response from the entire region. George Soros asserts that basic humanitarian principles forego all other interests. Also, we must open up our minds to diversity and learn to respect diversity. This way, we learn together and make the journey of life an enjoyable experience.
George Soros walks his talk. His philosophical ideas have been published and inform the body of knowledge in the social sector. He has earned the title of a change maker and global influencer. His efforts to support human rights, democracy, and economic empowerment form the basis of the Open Society organizations and other civil organizations around the world.
George Soros philanthropy networks have contributed to the development of a better Ukraine society. He observes a culture of good governance and the political involvement of the citizenry. These strengths promote his open society ideas. Other countries he has intervened in included South Africa during the Apartheid a few decades ago.
In Europe, he gave support to the movement against communism. He built schools and institutions of higher learning to support intellectual development in Germany. The Central European University is an example of such systems. Critical thinkers were nurtured here. George Soros has expressed his obligation and that of all human beings to look after fellow men.