Customers Give Preferred Technology Advice At Securus

More customers are reaching out to a network which helps them save by becoming a part of the Securus Technologies network. Are you paying huge fees with you current inmate calling provider? Are you paying higher than normal fees? You can get reasonable prices compared $2 to $1 with other providers. They give their customers feedback options on the website and they have used it to gladly refer features and services. You can build a reliable network interested in giving you more ways to stay connected to your lice ones and friends in a correctional facility.


Securus Technology Referred Services


– online photos

remote visitation

– 24 hour customer support

– online email

– email stamps

– multiple device access

crime prevention program


You can get a wonderful opportunity to send photos online. You pay a small fee and send up to 5 facility photos to their state issued id. You can help them see someone special they haven’t seen in a long time or the progress of a child. Join the Securus network by visiting their website for more details. They offer more features to keep you connected to your love ones while saving more of your hard earned money.

Securus Technologies’ Clients appreciate its Products and Services

Securus Technologies is an American firm that is well known for offering outstanding technology-based products to correctional facilities that are located across North America. The company was established in the 1980s, and it provides top-notch products that are used for public safety, investigations, corrections, and monitoring services. In 2016, Securus revealed that it had received several comments from different individuals who used its products in solving and preventing criminal activities in prisons. The company has been appreciated through several emails and letters that have been sent by correctional facilities staff from different parts of North America. It is highly recognized for the role that it plays in keeping law enforcement facilities safe.


According to Securus Technologies’ CEO, its technology experts have been striving to ensure that they develop new products that prevent crime in prisons. The innovative developments are determined to ensure the safety of convicts, parolees, and the public. Rick Smith makes sure that every product that Securus Technologies offers is secure and cannot be used for criminal activities.


The individuals who wrote letters and emails to Securus Technologies had different reasons for thanking the company. One of the comments appreciated the firm for its phone call monitoring solution that enabled the correctional facility that he serves to secure a search warrant for a rogue officer. The prison official was later arrested for allowing inmates to use contraband items. Securus Technologies also received an email from a customer who appreciated the security of its call services. The individual said that he was able to monitor inmate phone calls and track illegal activities in prisons such as alcohol use, money transfers, access to illegal cell phones, and various threats to the public and convicts. Many other users of Securus Technologies’ services thanked it for its outstanding monitoring and investigation tools.


How Securus Technologies Is Bringing People and Communities Closer Together

Securus Technologies may be one of the most advanced forms of communications that is available for correctional facilities to use today. Unfortunately, there are many different correctional facilities that haven’t began to utilize this wonderful form of communications just yet; however, once they do, they will quickly realize how many benefits it brings to everyone. If you are someone who wants to have a part in making your community safer, please don’t hesitate to contact your local courts to encourage them about having Securus Technologies installed into the communications platforms of your local correctional facilities, as it has been proven to be a great catalyst of solving crimes. The communications that occurs between inmates and their visitors through the program can be monitored by law enforcement and if needed can be sent to the courts for investigative purposes.


One should not confuse Securus Technologies for an ordinary form of communications. It is a wonderful system that is offering solutions of communications for all people; however, those who are benefiting from it the most are visitors of inmates, as they are no longer required to physically visit inmates at their locations. Instead, they can simply “visit” them from the comfort of their very own homes.


If you are unsure about whether the program is currently available for utilization at the correctional facility the inmate in question is in, please feel free to visit the website to see whether it is currently being utilized there. There are several press releases available on the website for those who want to stay updated on what the company is currently presenting at the moment as well. Securus Technologies is going to great extents to bring people closer together than ever before. It places people and communities first in all of its missions.


Securus Technologies Video Visitation: Preserving Family Relationships During Challenging Times

Securus Technologies is a leading enterprise in the criminal justice technological solutions industry. The company has created a wide range of different technologies that provide an array of solutions in the criminal justice system.


A number of the solutions developed by Securus Technologies have a direct impact on the operation of the correctional system in North America. This includes the Securus Technologies Video Visitation system.


The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system is now in use by 178 correctional agencies in the United States. The use of the Video Visitation technology has resulted in a number of important benefits.


One of the benefits realized through Video Visitation is that it has aided in the preservation of familial relationships while a family member is incarcerated. The importance of the maintenance of family relations while a person is in prison or jail cannot be minimized.


Public safety is enhanced when an incarcerated individual is able to maintain a healthy, reliable, and consistent connection with his or her loved ones while in prison or jail. Research reveals that an offender is significantly less like to commit new crimes when release from prison or jail if he or she has maintained meaningful familial relationships while incarcerated.


Family members suffer significantly when a loved one ends up in prison or jail. The Securus Technologies Video Visitation system helps to lessen these difficulties.


Thanks to Video Visitation, family members have better access to an incarcerated loved one. The reality of in-person visitation was that it proved to be a challenging endeavor for many families of incarcerated individuals.


Oftentimes, a loved one is incarcerated in a facility that is not in close proximity to his or her family. The distanced involved rendered regular visits challenging, even impossible, in many cases. Securus Technologies Video Visitation solves this problem for families of incarcerated men and women.


Securus Video Visits Get Boost from Multi-State Campaign

Video visitation is something that has been available in jails for a while now, but many people do not know that this even exists. I was one of these people. I don’t work in prison, and I don’t have any type of access to prison news. That is why I was interested in seeing what this technology was about. I was thrilled to hear that was a multi-state campaign in place that would introduce other people to this type of technology.


Securus is the company that is doing this, and they are making sure that the word gets out about the technology that seems new to so many people outside of the prison. I certainly do believe that this would help a lot of people like myself that may have never realized that video visitation software existed. There are a lot of people that are going to benefit from this software because some people do not even have cars. They have no way to get to the prison, but everyone seems to have phones these days. Even teenagers have access to a phone where they can download the app by Securus Technologies. They have made it easier for people to get access to their relatives.


I have used the video visitation once since I have found out about it, and many friends have stated that they actually heard about the Securus app through a campaign about video visitations. This means that the multi-state campaign that is promoting this is effective. I believe that this would be a great idea for all jails around the world. I know that it is only in a limited number of correctional facilities right now, but the campaign to promote this will change all of that. It will help people realize how easy it is.


Securus Goes Above and Beyond for Charity

The United Way campaign is a model campaign that is being praised by many investors and associates of Securus Technologies. Many think that the United Way campaign has had the highest level of contribution since the foundation of Securus Technologies. Among the list of contributors included associates of Securus and great leaders. The margin has even surpassed the annual goal of Securus Technologies everyone made very wonderful contributions for the campaign. They are focusing on the betterment of people’s lives and also saving of others. This campaign is similar to the perfect services at Securus Technologies in promoting a safe environment for everyone and many correction agencies. Recently, Securus initiated a technology in the form of inmate phone calls system referred to as advance connect.

The way Securus has been running their United Way campaign is amazing. It has been offering extra vacation days, giving prizes, and also organizing breakfasts and lunches with its sponsors who most of them are Securus associates to discuss the missions and the objective of their great campaign. Those platforms have continued to increase the interest levels of many other participants in what Securus United Way campaign does. They use a humanitarian strategy to eradicate poverty in the community, improve the health care and also increase accessibility to education for many young people.

The popularity of the campaign makes people get curious about what other things Securus Technologies does other than the campaigns. Well, Securus has been serving more than 3,450 correction agencies all over Texas. This is through providing emergency response system, criminal investigation and management of information about all incidents relating to the correction agencies but in a technological way Securus has more than 700 products invented by its experienced software developers all made to enhance the safety of everyone. The newest software in Securus created for communication is video visitation. Through the free app, you will get services like onsite video visits both scheduled or pre-scheduled which depends on the availability of that facility. Register for the technology here:

The inmate communication services improvised by Securus is very interesting. You only need to create an Advance Connect account with Securus, and you will get to make and receive calls to the offenders in the correction agencies. The account charges will be from your prepaid account. The account is great as it allows you to connect many of the contacts you have from home, office and also friends. As long as you have funds in your account you will be able to make and receive calls from the inmates in the correction agencies. The invention relates more with the campaigns Securus is doing as it is integrating the poor into the world same to what it is doing for the offenders.

If you would like to visit Securus’ site, click here.