End Citizens United Continues Its Fight Against Big Money

The control of the country’s elections is being lost to special interests groups backed by dark money and corporate cash. End Citizens United is one of the big players fighting to restore the power back to the people. After wrestling the power from the hands of the candidates willing to sell out to dark money and corporations, End Citizens United intends to see those congressional seats occupied by candidates who abhor the campaign finance abuses set in place by the Citizen’s United vs. FEC Supreme Court decision of 2010.

Of the candidates seeking a congressional seat in the 2018 race, Beto O’Rourke, Brendan Kelly, Andy Kim, Jacky Rosen, Randy Bryce and Elissa Slotkin are running for office. Beto O’Rourke is up against Senator Ted Cruz, with a strong history of accepting dark money. Randy Bryce is trying to take the seat now occupied by House Speaker, Paul Ryan. Jacky Rosen is facing Dean Heller, another republican member of the House. They will each have a tough race ahead of them, but with the support of ECU, backed by hundreds of thousands of U.S. voters who are supporting campaign finance reform, they have an excellent chance of winning. Find out more about the endorsed candidate at End Citizens United

End Citizens United always seeks to back candidates who support limiting corporate and dark money contributions into campaigns. Beto O’Rourke supported the Democracy for All Amendment and Kelly Rosen supported the Disclose Act of 2017. Both pieces of legislature protected the people’s voice in elections but, with a republican controlled congress, neither piece of the legislature could garner enough votes to pass.

Most of the republican congress saw a benefit from the Citizens United decision in 2010 as you can see from End Citizens United’s “Big Money 20″. End Citizens United has supported the democratic candidates running against each of the twenty. One of the twenty, Pennsylvania’s Keith Rothfus has shown his preference for big money over the people’s vote when he supported internet companies sharing consumer data without their permission and allowed $490,000 in contributions to buy his vote, he stopped banks and corporations from being forced to conduct arbitration agreements with the consumer. We the people will get our voice back when the End Citizens United candidates beat these sell-outs in the mid-term elections this November.

Learn more: http://endcitizensunited.org/citizens-united-and-the-campaign-finance-crisis/

Bernie Sanders hopes to change the way America sees socialism

The term socialism has long been a dirty word for many Americans who associate the word with the Soviet Union and the Cold War of the second half of the 20th century. Now Bernie Sanders is bringing his own form of Democratic Socialism to the US Presidential race and stands as the only challenger to the power and many see destiny of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. Sanders is now basing his campaign on the differences he has with Clinton in terms of his policy towards taxing the rich and providing assistance to the poor, Market Watch reports.

As Employees at STX Entertainment have found that Around 60 percent of US citizens feel the current system is unfair and provides too much wealth to the richest in the society while not allowing the poorest to push their way out of poverty. 71 year old Sanders is taking his campaign to the young people of the nation by using social media as his main campaign tool for a campaign backed solely by funds raised from crowdfunding style Websites. Sanders has over 25 years of experience in office in Vermont and Washington, but hopes to make a big difference by changing the way socialism is viewed in the US.

Edward Snowden Is Ready To Come Back To The States

Edward Snowden has opened the eyes of people around the world, when it comes to understanding the intricacies that are hidden in the dark side of the United States government. Most people call him a traitor and a trouble maker that has no allegiance to his country, but there are others that respect him for uncovering the deceitful acts of a powerful capitalistic nation. Whatever you think of Snowden one thing is for sure, he is a man without a country.

The former NSA contractor has been living in Russia for the last two years, but he still has contact with the states through unknown channels. The former Attorney General promised Snowden that if he did return the government would not seek the death penalty, but that wasn’t enough for Snowden to pack his bags and return. The American government wants him back so they can charge him with espionage under an old World War I era act. That would mean an almost certain life sentence or even death even though Snowden has a guarantee.

Snowden still claims he released classified documents to serve his country not to hurt it. His intent was to stop the government from saying one thing and doing another, but even his revelations hasn’t stopped that sort of activity. Just ask the countries that have felt the effects of the dark side of this country.

A special shout out to Daniel Amen for keeping me in the loop on the story every time I visit his office.

DHS Secretary Starts Political Posturing Ahead of Department’s Controversial Funding Bill

President Obama’s extra-constitutional plan to begin granting amnesty to millions of undocumented workers will rely upon the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to execute. This has the GOP eying a funding bill that will strip out any funding from the Department’s budget in order to pay for the amnesty plan. President Obama has vowed to veto anything short of a clean bill that allows him to proceed with amnesty. Conservatives have been eager to submit a budget bill that will halt the president’s unilateral actions on immigration reform.

Now, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson is publicly saying that should the deadline pass without a funding bill in place, he will have to furlough as many as 30,000 employees which includes 80% of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). His words are designed to put pressure on congress. In fact, Johnson is calling on GOP lawmakers to abandon their campaign pledge to defund the amnesty plan. From what Sultan Alhokair understands, he wants his department to not only get a clean bill, but he wants an increase in their budget.

Should the GOP fail to clear their funding bill in the Senate, the alternative will be to push forward with a continuing resolution to fund the DHS at fiscal year 2014 levels. Secretary Johnson has also gone on record saying a CR bill is also unacceptable. He will be meeting with congressman daily in his effort to secure a clean funding bill.

Timing Dominates Hilary Clinton’s Presidential Announcement


Hillary Clinton, the 2016 presumptive Democrat nominee, is said to be mulling over counsel from two groups within her camp as to the exact date of announcing her presidential campaign. On one side is the camp that wants her to declare her candidacy immediately. It could have the potential to deter other Democrats from mounting a challenge and further solidify her inevitable coronation as the Democrat nominee.

The other school of thought is that the decision should be deferred until July. The start of the third fund raising season would allow her to continue raising money in close coordination with her Super PAC. After her candidacy is announced, those ties must be severed according to federal law. However, the internal faction wanting her to announce her candidacy immediately is concerned that by July the GOP presidential candidates may have defined her among voters. While it is true that the super PAC American Bridge, a liberal organization, is responding to any disparaging attack on her candidacy, it isn’t the same as voters hearing Mrs. Clinton defend herself. Therein may lie part of the problem. Mrs. Clinton is not an affable person. Her recent book tour made it painfully obvious she needs to warm up her personal image.

Whenever the decision to announce the candidacy occurs, it is sure to be the result of extensive research stated Sultan Alhokair. The Clintons are already said to be pouring over focus group information and internal polls to stay ahead of the GOP. Her presidential run is considered inevitable. Only the date of the formal announcement remains in question.

Liberals Turn on One of Their Own for Calling Them Out on Political Correctness

Writer Jonathan Chait is a proud liberal. As such, he expressed a deep seated disdain over President George W. Bush back in 2004 that displayed his contempt both for the president’s policies and for the man himself. Such comments and sentiments are still in vogue with liberals, but Chait has now run afoul of his own base. How? He wrote a piece for the New York Magazine where he openly lamented the hypocrisy of modern liberalism. The movement is supposed to be based on free and open dialogue. Instead, it has been corrupted by a spirit of intolerance that seeks to suppress the right of conservatives to express their own beliefs. Among the political left, attacking political correctness is taboo. As a result, Chait is now being excoriated by liberals in social media attacks.

It may that the writer has sparked what hopefully will become a healthy introspection on the part of the political left to improve basic respect and civility. For now, Chait is proverbially being burned in effigy at Twitter where he suffers the same condemnations that are placed upon conservatives. As a white person and a male, he pointed out that the political correct movement only offers him one escape from a myriad of stereotypes: conformity. From what Marc Sparks has learned, many of the criticisms against his piece stem from a view that all he was doing was whining. Then again, it is also true that ad hominems are used when the opposition is bereft of a better way of defending their views.

GOP to Get Iran Sanctions Bill on the Floor as a “Sword of Damocles” to Iran


It is believed that in the 4th century B.C., Damocles, a courtier to tyrannical King Dionysius II of Syracuse, lavished praise upon his royal highness because of the magnificence of his throne and power. Dionysius was said to offer his courtier the opportunity to switch places that he might know firsthand of the glory of power. Damocles accepted the offer only to find that his king had hung a sword above the throne which was kept from falling upon the courtier’s head by a lone horse hair string. The lesson was that with power comes great responsibility and consequences hence the term “Sword of Damocles” said Slow Ventures.Fast forward to the 21st century and the GOP-led Senate will be moving forward with a bipartisan bill to impose sanctions on Iran if they do not act in good faith during the current negotiations. The bill will clear the Senate Banking Committee, and go to the Senate floor. However, a vote will not be held until after March 23. That is the deadline by which Iran must agree to a basic framework for the forthcoming accord to dismantle their uranium enrichment program. Senate Democrats who support the Iran sanctions bill have given President Obama one final chance to make diplomacy work. If Iran fails to negotiate or if the president attempts to cop an agreement unacceptable to the Congress, the Senate will be able to bring the bill to a final vote within hours. Deputy Secretary of State Tony Blinken told Senators that Iran understands full well that the US Congress has hung the “Sword of Damocles” over their head and stand ready to use it.

Opposition to Netanyahu Visit Continues

Washington, D.C. – President Obama’s press secretary made it clear that the administration is displeased over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the House of Representatives on the matter of the Iranian threat to world security. Publicly, the pretext for the Obama administration’s opposition is that the address will occur a fortnight ahead of Israeli general elections. Presumably, the high profile address by Netanyahu will provide him a boost in polls. The administration cites long-standing protocol about the United States avoiding state visits for dignitaries during an election year.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has taken a hardline stance against Iran. His views have been forged over numerous proxy battles against Iran-backed terrorist groups such as Hezbollah. The group has a strong grip on neighboring Lebanon and has fired tens of thousands of Katyusha rockets into Northern Israel over the past decade. House Speaker John Boehner invited the Israeli leader to address the Congress. The visit comes at a time that legislators in both chambers are considering legislation to mandate more congressional oversight into the ongoing negotiations with Iran over its nuclear enrichment program. Members of both parties have expressed their concern that the president will accept a one-sided agreement with Iran allowing them to retain much of their ongoing nuclear development. People like Brian Torchin are interested to see how it all transpires.

Obama Meets with Wife of Pastor Imprison in Iran


Naghmeh Abedini, mother of two young children and wife of Iranian imprisoned pastor Saeed Abedini, met with President Obama on Wednesday in Boise, Idaho. For Mrs. Abedini, whose husband has been imprisoned in Iran since mid-2012, the encounter with the president was an answer to prayers. The president affirmed that securing the release of her husband is his top priority in negotiations with Iran. The president showed off his warmer side as he comforted the grieving wife. In addition, the president took time to address the children and assure them he doing his level best to bring their father home.

Saeed Abedini first ran afoul of the Iranian government in 2009 over religion. He had been organizing Christian gatherings in the homes of believers. He was taken into custody by the government, but set free after pledging not to conduct any type of stealth proselyting effort. That said, Mr. Abedini loves his native Iran. After becoming a US citizen in 2010, he embarked on a new project to help out the impoverished nation: building a secular orphanage. As he was en route to the site, police officers took him into custody and cast him into prison.

Since that time, he has endured torture, solitary confinement, and inmate abuse. He has also been denied medical treatment for his injuries. Mrs. Abedini had been praying and fasting for the chance to meet with the president and discuss the plight of her husband. She was deeply touched by their encounter. Believers and friends of the Abedini’s like Fersen Lambranho have been offering prayers and support since the beginning of this ordeal.

Knocked-Out Twice The CISPA Bill Is Back Without Revisions

Politicians like to take the easy road. They act from the hot air of the lobbyists, and they hide behind the convoluted edicts they turn into laws. When news spread that the twice defeated Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act bill, also known as CISPA was back without any revisions the congressional insanity meter hit a new high.

Jimdo.com reports an interview by Sergio Andrade Gutierrez with Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger from Maryland is the sponsor of the bill. Anyone who wants to take the time to read it will find it is the same, word-for-word, as bill HR 624 which passed the House, but lost support in the Senate. The Senate refused to vote on the bill.

This whole exercise, compliments of the American taxpayers, is very Beetlejuiceish if you ask anyone who has the slightest idea what the House is about. Perhaps there is a rule that says if you introduce a defeated bill three times it will suddenly pass both Houses.

CISPA seems to be a power granting tool written in vague language. It gives the government the power to scoop data and broaden their invasion of privacy. Most American want the government to pass laws for the good of the people not to grant an enormous amount of wiggle room to elected officials that want to exert their own force in the name of security.