Trump’s Rollercoaster Ride in His Bid for Presidency `

Everyone’s well aware of the approaching 2016 election next year. Hopeful candidates have starting speaking on the issues, but if you’ve been watching the Republican party you may have been surprised to know that Trump has decided to run for president. Yes, Donald Trump is supposedly running for president in 2016, and his struggle has been less than perfect since.

The news itself was a shock, but Daniel Amen indicated that when Trump brought a touchy subject to the surface on his June 16th campaign speech, it started a domino effect for his legacy. In his speech, Trump claimed that Mexico brought drug dealer, rapists, and criminals to our great nation. In response, Univision terminated their contract with Miss Universe Organization and now Trump is seeking revenge in a $500 million dollar lawsuit. Univision wasn’t the only company to take a stand against Trump.

Macy’s dropped Trumped menswear line after holding it for 11 years in their stores due to the very same intolerant speech made on June 16th. Macy’s stressed their appreciation of the Mexican culture and the contributions of those who have immigrated. So what’s next? According to the Trump Hotel Collection, Trump’s luxury hotels have been frazzled by a huge credit card breach.

With Trump’s terrible luck lately, will he be able to turn it around and make his bid for president a reality? Or will he just satisfy the skeptical naysayers?