Eva Moskowitz and The Success Academy Continue to Grow Together

Due to challenges in the New York City public school system, many parents look for other ways to educate their kids. One of the most popular ways today is to send a child to a charter school. In New York City, one of the top charter school organizations is The Success Academy, which is led by CEO Eva Moskowitz.


Eva Moskowitz and The Success Academy have had a very good year so far. Over the past few months, the organization has announced that attendance is up and the educational achievements have continued to be high. Recently, the organization was also announced as the winner of the 2017 Broad Prize for Public Charter Schools. This award is given out on an annual basis to the top charter school system and is based on a range of information.


Beyond winning the award, Eva Moskowitz and The Success Academy also received the good news that the school system would now be included in a part of the city’s pre-K program. This approval will give parents in the city to send their kids to the Success Academy for pre-K schooling while also being able to take advantage of city and state subsidy programs. While the approval was just received this year, it came after years of attempts by Eva Moskowitz and The Success Academy to be formally approved.


Overall, Eva Moskowitz and The Success Academy provide educational services to over 14,000 students. The organization has grown considerably over the past decade and more and more people look for alternative educational options. As the city continues to look for ways to educate children across the city, the Success Academy is bound to see a continued increase in enrollment.




Cassio Audi Delves Into Brazilian Investment Portfolio to Assist Clients in Investing

In his early days, Cassio Audi was a professional musician. He worked as a drummer for the Viper group until 1989 when he quit. He was part of the album called Soldiers of Sunrise. At that moment, he was prominent in Brazil as he was an active participant in the group. Cassio Audi was known as a friend to many. He was a teenager when joining Viper, and for nine years, he was relevant and active in the group. Cassio last appeared in the group when Soldiers of Sunrise was released. He ventured into investment when Brazil hit the economic recession.


Faced with the need help Brazilians with the right investment skills, Cassio Audi learned the ropes of offering financial management skills. With 23 years experience, he is well-versed with what investors need to develop their portfolios. His career has sent him to different working fields like productivity management, assessment, change management, monitoring and evaluation of risks and local purchasing order.


In 2013, Cassio Audi established a private investment firm. His responsibilities in the company include fundraising, asset management, investment management as well as financial management. Initially, he worked in different companies including Rossi Commercial where he was the senior financial officer. Before that, he was at Brascan Brasil, a real estate firm. He served for two years. Before he worked for Brascan, he was a committed employee at SAP where he was in charge of the human resource department.


In 1989, Cassio Audi joined Pontificia Universidade for a bachelor’s degree. He also joined Sao Paulo University for an MBA. His specialty includes strategic planning, project planning, equities management, acquisitions, and mergers, restructuring as well as project management. Cassio Audi has an excellent reputation of offering sound investment advice to investors. He focuses on helping employees and retirees in achieving their dreams.

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Bruce Bent II’s Legacy In Technological Finance

Bruce Bent II is the president of a financial, technological company called Double Rock Corporation. The company finds solutions for brokers, retail markets and banks concerning cash and its management. When initially, founded the primary objective of the company was to create a global money trade hedge fund. Being the vice chairman, Bruce oversees all services involving retirement and management of cash. Bruce graduated from the Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy. He is a member of a global entrepreneurial leadership network called Young President Organization. He also worked with Gotham Chapter as a finance executive and served on the advisory board of an environmental group, Scenic Hudson, which protects the Hudson River.

Bruce has in-depth knowledge concerning financial, technological markets, general management, sales and marketing, financial services and intellectual property that has enabled him to promote growth and increase returns of the company and all its subdivisions. His entire career has nurtured while working with Double Rock Corporation where he contributed to the development of cash sweeps and initiatives related to cash sweeps and led the company to become a money making industry through capital management. Bruce Bent II has an innate skill that had enabled the Double Rock Corporation companies to stand on its feet and become standardized in their markets. For seventeen years when Bruce was the executive officer, he nurtured The Reserve and the FDIC cash management business by widening its scope.

He prepared a detailed loan plan for one of Double Rock subsidiary company, Access Control Advantage which substantially reduced the number of borrowing parties by 25%. During the financial crisis in 2008, he directed the winding up for some of the company’s subsets. He has a say in organizing the companies policies. He is a skilled strategist who could attain solutions specifically as per the requirements of the business. Being an expert in financial matters, he has been quoted severally in world journals and newspapers and got featured in a book, Leadership Secrets of World’s most successful CEOs. Additionally, he is highly qualified in the following areas: cost-benefit analysis, strategic planning, internal business, market analysis, internal controls, branding, leadership and team building.

Crucial Entreprenuership Lessons to Learn From Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is the current project manager at The Meriwether Group, an iconic company founded by his father, David Howitt. Sawyer has followed in his father’s footsteps as a brilliant entrepreneur, and he is taking the company to great heights. Despite his young age, he understands the financial as well as operational needs of business.

Sawyer Howitt’s Career

Mr. Sawyer Howitt is currently a high school senior and has specialized in Business and Finance. Prior to working at The Meriwether Group, he worked at RFID Checkout as a Business Strategy Analyst in 2015-2016 for 11 months. In 2015, Howitt worked in Customer Service at KURE Juice Bar for 3 months.

Though he is relatively young, Sawyer Howitt has proven to possess all it takes to succeed in the entrepreneurial world. Here is a look at the traits that sets him apart as a great entrepreneur:

Inventive Mindset

Sawyer Howitt is innovative and always comes up with new ideas on how to better the business. He is futuristic and makes decisions objectively. As the project manager, he has been instrumental in driving Meriwether Group to tremendous success.

Great Customer Service Skills

Sawyer understands the need to offer exemplary services to his clients. While working at KURE Juice Bar, he learnt the importance of according customers excellent service. This has seen him garner positive reviews in the social media platforms.


Sawyer is always pushing himself to be the best. He constantly challenges himself to do better, and this has seen him excel in business. He is always up for any task, whether complex spreadsheets, detailed presentations, or simple tasks such as filing and taking notes during meetings.

Other Interests

Sawyer Howitt plays racquetball for Oregon Racquetball Club in Portland. In high school, he brought great success to the racquetball team. He has also supported Educational funding and is an advocate for women’s rights. Additionally, he has helped in mentoring troubled youth and headed international ethnic studies groups.

Sawyer Howitt is a role model to many young people aspiring to venture into entrepreneurship. He has demonstrated that age is not a limitation to excelling in business.

Source:  https://plus.google.com/106374879342400822061


The Life & Times of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one fascinating individual even though he’s never been a household name. This guy has done some remarkable things for society that society has surely benefited from. The Teaneck, New Jersey native is extraordinary when it comes to creation and his advanced way of thinking has brought joy to many people’s lives in the process.Eric Pulier has top notch business sense especially when it comes making money. He has founded up to 15 companies such as Akana Software, U.S. Interactive, Service Mesh Inc, FLY, XPRIZE, Digital Evolution, and many more. Having such a strong passion for technology and a strong desire to succeed, Eric Pulier is setting new trends across the boards in a wide range of industries.


Did you know that this business savvy guy sold his last company for about $350 Million? That’s right! The proud father of four has certainly built and empire in-a-sense that his kids and grand kids could potentially live off. He was educated at the prominent Harvard University where he majored in American/English Literature. Pulier also took classes at neighboring MIT across town. Having such a full schedule would tie anyone down, but not this guy. Like the old saying goes, “the more the merrier.” Eric Pulier was chosen to build the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform to commemorate President Bill Clinton’s 2nd term in office as well as staying involved with Vice President Al Gore and his political businesses. The question is, what can’t Eric Pulier do?


This brilliant minded guy has even invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into many technology start-up companies, donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to charitable organizations, and invested in capital venture deals of his own. The future looks might bright for Eric Pulier and the entire technology scene for years to come.

Online Reputation Management: Finding Needed Changes

When one gets down to it, if one has an online presence, he already has a reputation. This is one of the reasons that it is important to start off with online reputation management. However, for those that have already established an online reputation, it is important to look for changes that need to be made with the company. After all, these issues have a potential to derail the success of a business even if it is a small issue. As a matter of fact, there is no issue too small to look into. For one thing, even the seemingly smallest complaint can cause a company to lose customers.

One thing that could be done to help with online reputation management is to hide the irrelevant mentions. Each mention has to be relevant to the company in order to be considered. One thing to look at is any recurring mentions that is undesirable. This is a very important aspect of cleaning up the Reputation.com of the company. It makes the company seem a bit more neat as opposed to all of the messy mentions that really have nothing to do with the company.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of all of the irrelevant mentions of the site is to make sure that the filters are set so that only the relevant mentions are listed on the site. One thing that could be very frustrating and harmful to the reputation is when someone mentions something or releases something on the feed that makes the company look a lot different than it should. A company that is built on being positive and classy is not going to benefit from a raunchy or scandalous photo or piece of text. This is why it is important to make sure that the only mentions represent what the company stands for.


Helane Morrison Pushes for Ethics Return to Finance

Many investors have shied away from the financial markets due to the corruption and dishonesty that has been a part of the industry in the last decade. The 2007-2008 market crash shocked many investors. Many of these investors left the market for good. The financial crisis during this time not only took down the values of stock portfolios but it also took down the values of real estate and homes. Many people lost values in their retirement funds, their children’s education funds and also in the value of their homes. This caused many to leave the financial markets for good. Currently with the uncertainty in the economy as well as this being an election year many are still afraid to take action in the financial markets.

Helane Morrison, a journalist/lawyer by training who spent many years trying to restore trust to the financial markets, recently joined Hall Capital, a California investment company. She has decided to use her years of experience with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in San Francisco, to the full advantage of clients at Hall Capital. She worked years with the SEC bringing fraud charges against those who took advantage of investors. She brought charges against Ernst and Young for doctoring documents and providing fraudulent information to investors. Helane worked diligently to prevent senior citizens from suffering from investment fraud. For her entire career she worked to protect investors from fraud and deception. She will continue this objective at Hall Capital.

Hall Capital is one of the few financial companies, run completely by women. Helane works as the managing director and head compliance officer for the company. This should give investors a higher degree of confidence when using the company for financial guidance. Helane has dedicated her entire career to building trust back into the financial industry. As an investor with Hall Capital you can rest assured that the advice you get is solid and ethical, and that all mutual funds and outside financial products used by Hall Capital has been thoroughly researched. Rest assured that you will receive professional and competent advice when working with Hall Capital. Helane Morrison will make sure of it.

Qnet is a well Known Company in the Network Marketing Industry

A quick research on the Internet will indicate that the company is very stable, and has an established history of providing proper training to its distributors, also known as independent representatives.

In the past there were fewer network marketing companies than there are today, and people didn’t have the resources to do proper research. They relied on referrals when choosing a network marketing company. However, today, with the Internet it’s fast and easy to search for information on various companies and make an informed decision. You can perform your own research and choose the company that is best for you. In fact, to be successful in network marketing, it is absolutely necessary that join the right company.

Qnet is a highly reputable network marketing company, with offices around the world. Choosing the right network marketing company is not a guarantee that you will be successful, but it increases your odds, and that’s why Qnet is a great company. Ultimately, your success in this business is determined by your effort. It’s all about finding prospects and marketing and promoting a line of quality products or services.

It is important to choose a company that provides good training, in an easy to understand manner. Qnet provides its sales representatives with the training and materials they need to make the sale, and follow up. The company also teaches their representatives how to sponsor, and train others who join under them. Conventions and conferences are also held in cities around the world.

You’ll be able to maintain enthusiasm and excitement if you join a great company like Qnet. You will also feel secure that the company you’re working with has been around for many years, and will provide you with financial security. These are some of the benefits people derive from working with Qnet.

Another important consideration is the compensation plan. Some compensation plans are complex and others are simple. Qnet has a compensation plan that is easy to understand and explain. Many network marketing companies reward new associates who recruit other people, and some have purchase requirements so you need to take these into consideration when making a decision. Qnet discloses the information you need to get a clear picture of what sales representatives are making. You will be able to examine their compensation plan, and know how much effort you will need in order to reach a certain level of income.

Qnet is a highly reliable and successful company in the network marketing and direct marketing field. But before making your final decision to join the company, make sure you take the time to browse their website and learn more about the great benefits of working with such a reputable company.

Eric Pulier–The Renaissance man

Eric Pulier, one of the most active philanthropists since Andrew Carnegie, has always put his love of technology to good use by assisting underprivileged children with health deficiencies to live the lives that they deserve. He is on the boards of multiple philanthropic foundations as well as the inventor of one of the most incredible catalogs of enterprise software the world is ever seen. It appears that for every three technologies he invents for the business software world, he builds one for sick or underprivileged youth in America and abroad.

As a passionate writer and lead editor for Harvard’s news publication, for years Eric contributed his intensely riveting articles on a weekly basis to the publication and is widely known and well liked for his forward-thinking views and provocative observations of the world. He graduated from the University of Harvard in the late 1980s with a magna cum laude alumni standing.

A Renaissance man, known as a lover of the arts studied English literature at Harvard before he ever formally endeavored in tech. It is quite obvious that his deeply-held passion for writing and fine literature never died as is evident by the brevity of his critically acclaimed book which discusses all of the subtleties and nuances of what it means to be a world-class leader in the tech field. His book, translated into several languages, also reveals how you can achieve a very similar trajectory of success in your life as well.

From the charismatic, outgoing speaker to the subtle and reserved tech innovator and tech savvy, brilliant founder of over 18 of the world’s leading enterprise technology companies. Not only has Mr. Pulier succeeded well beyond the scope of the average tech phenom, he has also endeavored very successfully in the world of venture capital, where he has successfully invested in several very early seed stage startups, growing them into multimillion dollar and billion-dollar companies, taking on the role of mentor to each CEO, which eventually led to making himself and his associates extremely wealthy.

From serving as a member of Clinton’s Global Fund, where he strives to create low-cost computing opportunities for underprivileged youth in third world countries to the XPRIZE Foundation, where he sits on the board as the lead innovator. It is widely known that Eric is a liberal financial donor to the Campaign for Free College Tuition, a foundation that he has donated a considerable amount of money to, helping America’s kids reach their dreams of going to college, and he continues to liberally give to this organization today.

Eric Pulier has established himself in life as one of the Silicon Valley’s most distinguished assets, investors and supporters for education initiatives. Pulier is a father of four beautiful children and does philanthropic work on the side for an organization called the Painted Turtle, an organization which helps kids with chronic and illnesses find function and happiness with the technology.

Brian Bonar Is A Man Of Vision And Hard Work

Brian Bonar is a very well-known name in that many financial districts around the world. Brian Bonar received his BSC in mechanical engineering from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and he went on to receive his MBA and his PhD from Stratford University in England. There he received his titles in international business development studies. Brian Bonar currently serves as CEO, CFO, and president of Trucepts Incorporated. Trucepts incorporate was formerly known as smart tech solutions Incorporated. Trucepts is a company that gives outsourced human resources payroll solutions and employee benefits. Each of these human resource solutions help start-up companies and other professional services. Managing a business can be difficult for many individuals and also when it comes to human resources and laws it can be a lot of work. Brian Bonar came up with the brilliant idea to start a company that focuses on the management of the workforce cost for companies.

Brian Bonar actually also serves as the co-president of Allegiant Professional Business Services and the chief executive officer of Amanda Co inc. Brian Bonar is a man that has always had an interest in business finance, and he let his interest take him and his dreams to another level. He is not only a chief financial professional, but he is also a true entrepreneur. He has helped to start up and manage many businesses, and he has done so successfully throughout the majority of his adult life.

Brian Bonar is actually an individual that has been able to give much to the community. He serves on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of greater San Diego. This is a company that is a nonprofit organization that helps youth and pairs them with other adults that can inspire them and help them to grow and to continue to reach out to the local community.

Brian Bonar is truly an individual that is international, he has traveled through the United States, Europe, and Asia. He has more than 18 years of experience at IBM in Europe alone and he has been able to offer many businesses around the world a large range of financial knowledge. He has been able to acquire the skills that keep him in the competitive market, and also the management skills that have enabled him to be an amazing entrepreneur.