Yeonmi Park: The North Korean Defector Known Around The World

Anybody on the planet who is familiar with North Korea is aware of their oppressive nature. However, this story comes directly from the mouth of somebody who has lived it, escaped it and is alive to talk about it openly. These words come from the young Yeonmi Park, through her book that she’s written about her escape.
Escaping oppression was the only thing on the young girl’s mind at the time. This and where their next meal would even come from. Not to mention the beatings, rapes and other atrocities that occur daily in the area. What a tragic way to live. If you can call it living…

She stated to Reason TV that she was not even aware of the concept of freedom or that there was such a thing, let alone a word for the experience. In her words, ‘she hopes that her Amazon released book will shine a light on the darkest place in the world.’ These are powerful words if you put any thought to the subject and what year we live in today. Some of the images conjured are almost mid-evil in nature.

Park was born in the North Korean city Hyesan, next to the border and under the rule of the Kim dictatorships. Some of the most brutally inhuman dictators in recent history. This is only going off of what we do know about the nation. It is shrouded in secret and threats of death to defectors like Yeonmi Park.

Now Park is working as an activist and studying criminal justice in the safety of South Korea. The depth of the oppressive nature of North Korea is staggering. She stated that she did not know what a counselor was or Post Traumatic Stress. She was also unaware that she may have such a thing as PTSD.

She said on the Reason TV also that her story is an amalgamation of hers, her mother’s, sister’s and others memories who escaped with them as well. If you’d like to see the entire interview, just click the link here.