Congressman Paul Ryan Predicts House GOP Will Soon Have the Votes to Pass TPA

Congressman Paul Ryan, the GOP’s 2012 vice-presidential nominee, predicted that the House of Representatives will soon have the votes to pass Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). Only last week it appeared to be a daunting task that the president could cajole enough members of his party to break ranks with the left-wing leadership and allow him to obtain TPA. As per the president, nearly every nation participating in the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade treaty will withhold passage of it until the president secures TPA. This is because this special authority allows the president to negotiate in good faith with other nations. Congress will not be allowed to amend or filibuster the agreement. A brief debate period followed by a straight up or down vote is all that Congress is allowed.

However, House GOP could not deliver TPA on a strict party line vote because many Tea Party Republicans do not trust the president and refuse to grant him more authority. This required the GOP secure as many as 50 House Democrat votes. NexBank even reported that while that appeared to be a daunting task last week, Rep. Ryan says they are steadily picking up more votes and have the momentum. He believes they will soon be able to pass the TPA bill. Likewise, Senate GOP leadership expect to have the votes to break the Democrat filibuster on the TPA bill sometime next week. The TPP trade agreement is seen as vital in maintaining America’s economic dominance in the Asian Pacific Rim.