The Future is Bright; Graham Edwards Makes Jump from CEO to Chairman of Telereal Trillium

It has been 17 years since Graham Edwards lead the negotiations to acquire the London-based company, Telereal, and merge it with his former company, British Telecomholdings. In 2001, Edwards became CEO of what is now Telereal Trillium, one of United Kingdom’s largest property management firms. Recently, Graham Edwards with continuing success as CEO has made the tremendously well-earned accomplishment of being named Chairman. The move has been in talks for quite some time and with Edward’s legacy of success, the time was right to make it official. Telereal Trillium has always had stakeholders, and the companies they serve, in mind whenever making a business decision. Making Graham Edwards Chairman is no exception. Russell Gurnhill has been named Edward’s successor to the role of CEO. Telereal Trillium has an outstanding market share with over 8,000 properties in its portfolio and boasts 1 percent of the total workforce in Britain with over 7,000 employees.

Graham Edwards had success in every role that he has been awarded over the years. After graduating from the prestigious Cambridge University, where he studied Economics, Edwards went on to become Fund Manager at Merrill Lynch Investment Management. After Merrill, Graham Edwards became a pivotal piece in the company, British Telecomholdings (BT). Edwards served as head of finance for BT where he eventually leads the charge in merging with Telereal to form a powerhouse firm in the property management and investment industry.

Even with all the success, Graham Edwards has had in his ventures, he still finds time to serve his communities. He is a member of many committees and boards such as One Voice Europe, Portland Trust, and is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Graham Edwards understands that when company morale is high, there is no limit to what workers are capable of. He has been a major advocate in donation matching. Donation matching promotes giving back to the community by having employees make a donation to a charity and Telereal Trillium will match it to a limit of £2000. With Graham Edwards’ leadership, it seems that Telereal Trillium has a solid footing in the property management industry for years to come.