The Different Sides of Eric Pulier

The first time you encounter Eric Pulier, you are forced to believe that he is a “Jack of all Trades“. Pulier is not only a Harvard graduate, he is a distinguished author, columnist, public speaker, technologist, and philanthropist. A review of Pulier’s background will provide interesting facts about how he started out and accomplished his former status.



Personal Profile



Born in New Jersey, Pulier began programming computers while in fourth-grade. By 1984, when he had completed high school, Pulier had established a database computer firm. He was admitted to Harvard and later took up the role of editor for “The Harvard Crimson“, the school’s newspaper. Pulier was also one of the paper’s columnists. Pulier wrote about terrorism and the stigma he suffered while studying at Harvard. Pulier later went to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams.



Entrepreneurial Success



One of Pulier’s most recognized ventures is “XPrize“. The program offers competitions and rewards people who are determined to push themselves to reach their full potential. The idea behind this initiative was to assist teenagers and adults who lack the motive to achieve their goals. Another renowned accomplishment by Pulier is “Akana”. This is a SOA Software program. After founding Akana, Pulier acquired many other SOA vendors. He sold the firm in 2016 after developing it into a formidable unit of SOA solutions.






Pulier’s philanthropic activities have never gone unnoticed. He has dedicated himself to philanthropic ventures that utilize technology to address problems facing physically impaired kids and disadvantaged communities across the globe. During his youth, Pulier established a multimedia educational initiative aimed at teaching people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis. Mr. Pulier’s efforts led to the introduction of home computers to offer advanced educational experiences. This featured peripheral beam device which allows users who do not have motor control, necessary for handling a keyboard, to be able to answer questions and interact with the computerized system.



In 2010, Mr. Eric Pulier was honored at the “US Doctors for Africa Benefit Event” held in New York for his role in introducing technical solutions to the health care system in Africa.Mr. Pulier is also an active collaborator and donor in the “Campaign for Free College Tuition”. This is an initiative aimed at offering free college to Americans.