Greg Finch Orthopedic Surgeon with Specialty in Spine

Orthopedic surgeons see patients for many reasons, including joint or muscle pain, sports injuries, trauma, conditions involving the spine, and infections. What are the top most common orthopedic surgeries? Here are three:

ACL Reconstruction

The ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) is an important ligament in the knee that helps it bend and stabilize. When this ligament is torn, people have pain and decreased motion in the knee. The repair that surgeons do enable the patient to have a healthy knee after a disabling injury. The surgeon takes out the torn or damaged ligament and will replace it using a new tissue source.

Spinal Surgery

Back pain commonly causes people to seek surgical help. Back pain can come from over use, congenital disorders, or sudden traumas. A common type of spinal surgery is called spinal fusion, where the surgeons fuse together two vertebrae of the spine so that they do not rub together, causing the pain. The bones of the spine are closely attached to major nerve centers, so the work that surgeons do with the vertebrae can greatly relieve pain.

Total Joint Replacement

Surgeons can take out damaged joints and replace them with new and artificial joints. The implants used are most commonly metal or plastic.

Dr. Greg Finch is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes care plans for patients with spinal conditions, pediatrics, and trauma. His is very well known for his work with spinal surgeries. He is FRAC certified, and has worked with world leaders in spinal surgery.

Greg Finch’s specialties allow him to work with many degrees of surgical intervention, from plans that are completely centered around one curative procedure, to other plans which involve minimally invasive procedures. Dr. Greg Finch is trained on all of this wide variety of healing methods. Some conditions are actually non-operative, and Doctors like Greg Finch can help patients decide whether surgery is the right choice or if there is a different path which should be followed.