Top Attorneys Ready to Square Off in Gay Marriage Case Before the Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in what will be a landmark case deciding on the definition of marriage. Naturally, supporters on both sides of the issue are being represented by two of the nation’s finest attorneys. On the side of traditional marriage is Michigan’s former state solicitor general John J. Bursch. While he has admittedly not made oral arguments on the subject matter in the past, he has extensive knowledge of the high court. Supporters of traditional marriage believe that Bursch will be able to address the court in a manner they will embrace. Now, the conventional wisdom is that Supreme Court will likely render a 5-4 decision. This means Bursch will need to convince conservative justices Kennedy and Roberts to hold together with Scalia, Alito, and Thomas.

Supporters of marriage equality will be represented by Mary L. Bonauto. Mrs. Bonauto is married to her female partner. She has made it 20-year quest to stand before the court this day and promote marriage equality to the justices. Mark Ahn agrees that her sheer tenacity and lifetime investment in the matter will play well to the courts liberal justices who are deeply swayed by the emotional value of issues before them. Mrs. Bonauto will make the case that any decision short of one establishing marriage equality as a right will cause endless pain to many of the nation’s citizens. Those words will sway the four liberal justices on the court. Still, she will need to peel off one conservative justice in order to prevail.