Olympic Valley Looking to a Prosperous Year

As host to the 1960’s Winter Olympics, Olympic Valley which includes Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows is experiencing a well deserved dose of optimism. With an early winter opening, thanks to Mother Nature, bringing skiers and recreational visitors to the area early, after a season of drought has given a healthy and much needed boost to Lake Tahoe’s north shore economy. Secondly, as published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, a political challenge to incorporate the Olympic Valley has been withdrawn.

Count this as another victory for Andy Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC. Mr. Wirth strongly believes that the incorporation would have been disastrous for the area. Taxes for local residents and businesses would have gone up while community services such as much needed snow removal and road maintenance would have decreased. Andy Wirth notes that overcoming this divisive threat now means the community can move on to healing, and building a cohesive plan of progress that extends beyond Olympic Valley.

You may remember Andy Wirth most from CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss – Season Four. Transforming himself to look like “one of the guys” as a member of the terrain park crew and a snowboard instructor, he was able to get an inside view of how the resort operated. With that hard to come by knowledge, for an executive, he could clearly see ways for improvement in all aspects of operations. What did Mr. Wirth come up with? For one, a gondola that will take visitors on a breathtaking ride, from the bottom of Squaw Valley, up and over mountain ridges, then back down to the bottom of Alpine Meadows Resort. What a idea and a dream come true for local and visiting winter sports fans.

Involved in many charitable activities, Mr. Wirth is presently supporting the Navy Seals Foundation, though his crowdsourcing fundraising effort called – Special Warrior Warfare. At one time he was an avid skydiver, but an unfortunate accident resulting in a severe injury to his arm lead him to give up skydiving, and he took to Ironman competitions. Around this same time, his eyes and heart were opened to the thousands of fallen warriors suffering from battle injury, through a chance meeting with Navy Seals that were training at Squaw Valley. Combining his newlyfound passion of Ironman competition with a worthy cause Mr. Wirth hopes his efforts will be of some help to families that struggle with so much loss and heartache when their loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Check out his page to learn more about Warfare Warriors and Mr. Andy Wirth.