Travel Europe with Beneful Medleys

You can’t take your small dog to Europe with you this summer, but there is no reason he can’t enjoy a taste of Italy with his dinner. That’s why Purinastore developed Beneful Medleys, the wet dog food you can serve alone or mix in with your dog’s dry variety. Beneful Medleys comes in a number of exotic flavors: Tuscan Style, Romana Style, and Mediterranean Style. Each has special ingredients and a generous sauce to make your furry friend feel loved.

Beneful Tuscan Style Medley contains real beef with carrots, rice, and spinach. This adult dog food is 100% complete, so it can be served on its own or mixed into your pet’s food. Made by Purina, a name you trust for your dog’s nutrition, Beneful Tuscan Style Medley will get your dog excited about supper again.

Beneful Romana Style Medley blend has chicken accented with carrots, pasta, and spinach. Your dog will feel like he is vacationing abroad, and you can rest assured he is getting the best in nutrition.

Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley is a blend of real lamb, tomatoes, brown rice, and spinach. It comes with an indulgent sauce to excite your pet’s taste buds. Most importantly, Beneful Mediterranean Style Medley contains all the nutrition your pet needs to be strong and healthy.

These three wet dog food varieties will make your pet feel indulged at mealtime. You will be confident knowing he is getting 100% nutrition from Treat your dog to one of these varieties from Beneful Medleys tonight! Beneful is being sold online: Try it now!