Looking Forward to a Bright Future After Olympic Valley Incorporation Stopped

As reported in the Reno Gazette Journal the 14 year battle to incorporate the community of Squaw Valley is finally over. The California Local Formation Commission agreed with earlier findings that the community would cause residents and businesses to pay unrealistically high taxes. Leading the fight to stop incorporation was Andy Wirth who is the CEO of Squaw Valley. Andy encourages all parties to now support development in the area that benefits everyone.
Andy has been a tireless supporter of the area. He has already proved that his company is ready to listen to public input. He reminds people that Squaw Valley’s original new development plans included a huge roller coaster. After hearing from the community they stopped that plan.
Andy Wirth continues to be a champion of helping everyone who lives in the area. For example, he actively supports Achieve Tahoe that encourages physically and intellectually challenged people to ski. In order to pay the cost of this program Squaw Valley holds its popular Art Wine and Music Festival annually.
Andy believes that development is good for the entire region. That is why he serves as director of the Reno Airport. As its director, he has encouraged more flights into the area. Those visitors bring money with them that helps the local economy.
Squaw Valley has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the top five ski resorts in the United States. Neighboring Alpine Meadows has been declared the top snowboarding resort in the United States.
Andy Wirth has donated many hours to try to bring the 2026 Winter Olympics to the area. He encourages local residents to drive around the area seeing the development that occurred when the 1960 Winter Olympics happened here. He strongly believes that bringing the games here can bring many benefits without causing any debt.
He is also an active supporter of the Tahoe Fund. This fund is instrumental in many area improvements allowing people to enjoy the beauty of the area. For example, the fund has helped build and improve bike trails and clean beaches. The fund has also helped build hiking trails. Most importantly, however, the fund has taught many children to take care of the environment.
Andy Wirth sincerely hopes that the future will be bright for the region. He knows that will only occur when everyone works together.

Visit the Tahoe Olympic Valley Resorts During Winter

Lake Tahoe is a beautiful resort town that features ski resorts, ski lodges, beautiful lakes, and wonderful downtown area resort businesses. Tahoe North shore is in Nevada and South Shore is in California. Driving in this area is tretcherous. No one can drive without chains unless they are daredevils or have specific snow and ice tires. The winter season begins late September early October. The snow has come as early as June one season. This past few years have been touch and go with the drought that was in the area. The winter resorts were suffering from lack of snow and winter weather. The good news is that it has been a better season this year. The weather is cooperating with the resorts need for cold and snow. Andy Wirth, CEO of the Squaw Valley and Alpine was instrumental in saving the disaster that could have been if the town chose to incorporate.

The people responsible for the question of incorporation had to pull out when the weather began to cooperate and the incorporation was put on the back burner. Relief on the home front was great news for President Wirth. Now the plans are for growth and expansion in the valley. Ski Holdings was ready to meet the challenge of fighting incorporation. They had their money and finances set to use. The future of the town is for new transportation and using their own assets to improve Tahoe and The river shores both North and South. For more information on this Olympic Valley incorporation article, check out the article in the Reno-Gazette Journal.

If ever visiting Lake Tahoe during the fall or winter months, make sure you pack your tire chains. It is important to keep warm blankets, a cell phone, and a few bites of food. Do not plan on getting stuck but plan on being safe if you do. Some people even ride their snow mobiles along side the mountains. Sking, snow boarding, and tubing are some of the great things you can do in Tahoe. Visiting places like the Squaw Valley Resorts or the Alpine Meadows resort will leave you with great memories and cool fun.

Olympic Valley Looking to a Prosperous Year

As host to the 1960’s Winter Olympics, Olympic Valley which includes Squaw Valley Ski Resort and Alpine Meadows is experiencing a well deserved dose of optimism. With an early winter opening, thanks to Mother Nature, bringing skiers and recreational visitors to the area early, after a season of drought has given a healthy and much needed boost to Lake Tahoe’s north shore economy. Secondly, as published in the Reno-Gazette Journal, a political challenge to incorporate the Olympic Valley has been withdrawn.

Count this as another victory for Andy Wirth, President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC. Mr. Wirth strongly believes that the incorporation would have been disastrous for the area. Taxes for local residents and businesses would have gone up while community services such as much needed snow removal and road maintenance would have decreased. Andy Wirth notes that overcoming this divisive threat now means the community can move on to healing, and building a cohesive plan of progress that extends beyond Olympic Valley.

You may remember Andy Wirth most from CBS’s hit show Undercover Boss – Season Four. Transforming himself to look like “one of the guys” as a member of the terrain park crew and a snowboard instructor, he was able to get an inside view of how the resort operated. With that hard to come by knowledge, for an executive, he could clearly see ways for improvement in all aspects of operations. What did Mr. Wirth come up with? For one, a gondola that will take visitors on a breathtaking ride, from the bottom of Squaw Valley, up and over mountain ridges, then back down to the bottom of Alpine Meadows Resort. What a idea and a dream come true for local and visiting winter sports fans.

Involved in many charitable activities, Mr. Wirth is presently supporting the Navy Seals Foundation, though his crowdsourcing fundraising effort called – Special Warrior Warfare. At one time he was an avid skydiver, but an unfortunate accident resulting in a severe injury to his arm lead him to give up skydiving, and he took to Ironman competitions. Around this same time, his eyes and heart were opened to the thousands of fallen warriors suffering from battle injury, through a chance meeting with Navy Seals that were training at Squaw Valley. Combining his newlyfound passion of Ironman competition with a worthy cause Mr. Wirth hopes his efforts will be of some help to families that struggle with so much loss and heartache when their loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. Check out his page to learn more about Warfare Warriors and Mr. Andy Wirth.