Doctor Sergio Cortes Advocates For A Three Weeks Physical Exercise To Prevent Alzheimer Condition

Sergio Cortes MD is a learned man who lives in Rio de Janeiro. In his entire career, Sergio Cortes has worked in many health institutions. He graduated his college level education with a hip surgeon. He specializes in hospital and health care industry. Currently, Mr. Sergio Cortes serves as the senior health executive in St. Louis Institute of health and attention. He is licensed by the Brazilian Confederation to offer orthopedics services. Doctor Cortes completed his tertiary level in the Harvard school of business and education. Sergio Cortes ability to learn things faster impressed his instructors.
Sergio Cortes is also frequently present in his Twitter account. made a publication concerning the advice of Doctor Cortes on how physical exercises aids in the prevention of Alzheimer body disorder occurrence. According to Dr. Cortes, regular exercise helps the brain to receive a natural stimulus, in a scenario where physical practice acts as the brake on the degenerative substances releases in the body.
The UNESP and UFSCar institutions carried out research to determine how physical exercise helps the body to prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer condition in the body. The researchers noted that constant daily or weekly exercise helps even people with genetic predisposition in avoiding the disorder. In the publication, Sergio Cortes explained that there was a need for identifying an antidote as the disease was spreading at a very higher rate.
Expert Sergio urged people to try simple exercises such as yoga and swimming. He revealed that these exercises should be done moderately and with the supervision of an instructor to avoid back and neck pains. Physical exercises keep the brain active hence increasing mental activities and capabilities by preventing memory loss and fatigue. The study took into consideration the genetic factors that are more probably in a position to accelerate neurodegenerative risk.
According to Dr. Sergio, physical exercises keep the amyloid plaques dormant, such that they are not able to release the plates that cause inflammation, which triggers death of cells. According to Dr. Sergio, the best way to handle this disease is by elimination the plaques and keeping them inactive to make sure they do not release deposits that cause inflammation. Sergio emphasized the importance of following the three weeks practice program. See



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The gift of life is free for everyone, but very few people enjoy it thoroughly in a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle behold productivity. They include a calm life free from lifestyle diseases and movable body to live happily. The advance in technology is has made life easy for many people. On the other hand it has increased the vulnerability to lifestyle diseases as people spend more time on active programs that involve less physical exercise. For instance, the much time spent sitting by many people is the cause of frequent back pains. Most of the furniture are misused and aren’t designed with health benefits in mind. In fact, the design of modern furniture focuses more on cost and efficiency. It, therefore, leaves its users exposed to back pains and other avoidable health risks.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is secretary of health in the Brazilian state of Rio. He has extended a notch higher from usual politics associated with such a high office to offer support for his citizen’s health lifestyle. The 47-year-old medical professional has given an immense contribution to living healthy. He advises that the key to good health are regular exercises, proper diet, and hygienic living conditions. According to the doctor, most of back pains are easily avoidable by using a good posture. Specific exercises are also advised for people experiencing back pains to relieve them quickly besides acquiring healthy muscles.
Poor posture is also notorious for causing herniated disc, neck stiffness, and pain in the sciatic. The pain affects the normal movements of affected people and may progress to be chronic. Untreated back pains are one of the leading causes of disability that hinders productivity in people’s lives. The Brazilian people have no common tradition in regular exercising. It’s a vice they have to adopt due to a rapid chance in technology and modernization.

The influence of Dr. Sergio Cortes goes behold the Brazilian people. His articles have an extensive publication on international media in Brazil and worldwide. The Rio health secretary is also active in implementing what he advises. His recent visit to the areas affected by flooding and donations towards health living charities can attest to a commitment to a health Brazil. The experienced medical expert advises that for a healthy living, it must be coupled with regular exercises. It’s a long way to avoiding back pains and remaining productive.

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