Edward Snowden Is Ready To Come Back To The States

Edward Snowden has opened the eyes of people around the world, when it comes to understanding the intricacies that are hidden in the dark side of the United States government. Most people call him a traitor and a trouble maker that has no allegiance to his country, but there are others that respect him for uncovering the deceitful acts of a powerful capitalistic nation. Whatever you think of Snowden one thing is for sure, he is a man without a country.

The former NSA contractor has been living in Russia for the last two years, but he still has contact with the states through unknown channels. The former Attorney General promised Snowden that if he did return the government would not seek the death penalty, but that wasn’t enough for Snowden to pack his bags and return. The American government wants him back so they can charge him with espionage under an old World War I era act. That would mean an almost certain life sentence or even death even though Snowden has a guarantee.

Snowden still claims he released classified documents to serve his country not to hurt it. His intent was to stop the government from saying one thing and doing another, but even his revelations hasn’t stopped that sort of activity. Just ask the countries that have felt the effects of the dark side of this country.

A special shout out to Daniel Amen for keeping me in the loop on the story every time I visit his office.

Russia Gears Up for War in Deep Freeze

There is a tiny island in the Arctic known as Yaya. It is a frozen, tiny and barely above sea level. It was only discovered in October whenever Russian aviators flew over it.

Its existence was then verified by a ship sent out to look for it. The island will soon take its place on the map of the artic ocean and will be officially recognised as a part of the Russian country.

However the Guardian states that the country is no longer contented by simply planting its flag on the newly discovered turf; it wants to make sure nobody will contest it under any circumstances.

They are doing this by adding a lot of military presence in the Arctic region.

This increased military presence will be placed in defunct Soviet military bases because of the increase of NATO activity in the area. For example, an airfield in Novaya Zemlya is now able to take modern fighter jets and indeed, a section of the Northern fleet will set up shop there.

However, a brand new military section will be created to guard the Northern region which will be divided into two brigades with a total of 6000 soldiers.

There will also be a ground guidance system and radar base set up in the region. There will also be an increase in the number of border control agents at the Northern border.

This follows the Vostok 2014 military exercise which was the largest of its kind since the USSR.