Ben Carson and the New Detroit

Ben Carson is one of the major names in the Republican race for the White House in 2016. In his run he has made stops to various locations to try and win support.

One of the locations he visited recently was a familiar one, the city of Detroit. A major stop he had during his trip was to the Ben Carson School of Science and Medicine, a true strong point in Detroit. The building is quite like home to him, even so much as showing that he had earned an honorary diploma from his high school.

However, the school he actually attended, which was Southwestern High School, actually closed down back in 2012 due to financial struggles and bankruptcy, one of five in the area to do so. It is one of the latest in terms of run-down buildings in the city, and a place not a lot like the one Carson originally grew up in many years back. Carson was from a poor neighborhood and was known as a bad student in high school but found a way around that and became the famed neurosurgeon who has made headlines today.

Flavio Maluf reports Southwestern High School, in its prime, was a high point of his community where the basketball team reigned supreme and also was a base for high profile NBA players such as Jalen Rose and Voshon Lenard.