Adam Milstein Maintains his Bright Influence

When it comes to prominent Israelis in the world, the name Adam Milstein would rank high on the list.In fact, the Jerusalem Post recently named the real estate investor and philanthropist onto its select list of influential Israelis.The article recaps Milstein’s career and how it landed him No. 39 on its overall list. He is known most for being a co-founder and the chairman for the Israeli-American (IAC) council, an organization considered to be the fastest growing one of Jewish influence in the nation. However, Milstein figures prominently in a number of such organizations with Israeli ties.

A strong proponent of a safe Israel, Milstein helps in raising funds for key projects which aid the lives of Jewish people in the U.S. and the nation of Israel as a whole.In particular, Milstein focuses more on how the funds of charitable causes are being best used. He aims at generating more impact that charities can do on a per dollar basis instead of simply donating to a cause.

Milstein provides a true Jewish perspective because he was born in Haifa, Israel, in the early 1950s. He married and started his family in Israel before migrating to the United States in in 1981. He eventually earned his MBA degree from the University of Southern California in 1983. From there, he became a commercial real estate agent.Milstein is associated with Hager Pacific Properties, an business within the fields of accounting, financing, and repositioning properties both in the retail and commercial sector.

Milstein is now a resident of Encino, CA, in the Los Angeles metro area where he resides with his wife, Gila. Together, the pair had three daughters.Also, a prominent part of Milstein’s life is his organization, the Adam and Gila Family Foundation which supports charitable causes in Israel and the United States.