Yanni Hufnagel Continues to Advance in College Ranks

Becoming a coach in major college basketball is a dream for a lot of people. While it can be a great career, it is very difficult to get into. This is even more true for people that did not play college basketball. One person that has continued to grow in the college basketball coaching ranks is Yanni Hufnagel.


Yanni Hufnagel is a college basketball coach that currently coaches for the Nevada Wolfpack. He has continued to be promoted in college basketball due to his ability to coach, mentor, and recruit young players. Hufnagel is a graduate of Cornell University and never played basketball after junior high school. However, his skill and knowledge of the game has helped him to continue to earn promotions.


Hufnagel’s first college coaching position was at Harvard University, where he was an assistant coach. Hufnagel was able to improve the school’s basketball team through his recruiting efforts. While Harvard has often had a hard time recruiting top talent, he was able to bring several top 100 players to the school. The team then was able to win several conference titles.


Hufnagel later accepted promotions to higher positions at both Vanderbilt and Nevada. Once he arrived at Nevada, he was able to overhaul the school’s recruiting practice. While Nevada is not considered a major program, he has been able to attract players away from schools in the bigger conferences. Since arrive, Nevada has been considered a powerhouse in their conference and has won several conference titles and has advanced to the NCAA National Tournament.