Darius Fisher Builds Reputations With Status Labs

Public Relations, also known as PR, is information managed by spreading information about an individual or a business. It’s a form of free marketing and advertising through their own private PR company that is meant to boost positive information to the public about a client. Public relations is a persuasive way to attract attention, and to inform the public about important topics that interest them. This type of marketing can help build a reputation for a client that may have lost some attention or has had negative information spread through media.


Status Labs, is a public relations firm that not only helps build reputations, but also offers a premier digital reputation management system and online marketing. The goal of Status Labs is to give well known people a second chance in the media’s eyes. They enhance the persona of an individual in places like; social media, news print, google searches and digital news. The move to hire Darius Fisher to spearhead their operations was an excellent idea. He has grown their business to a very profitable one. He sets goals for his employees and works with them to earn their clients trust.


Darius Fisher has been a major influence in the Public Relations field. He has been the leader of Status Labs since 2012, and since then their revenue has sky rocketed. Through innovative digital service and a excellent client base, including Fortune 500 companies and public figures, Status labs has successfully gained exposure. Darius Fisher has established an excellent reputation in the Public Relations field, along with marketing, corporate communications, and business development. He as achieved the “Business Development Individual of the Year” award for the 2016 PR World Awards.

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Twitter: @fisherdarius