Prosecutors Are Blindly Re-elected, Despite Their Concerning Records in Office

Voting is a right that many Americans take for granted, but many people do not realize that their vote counts, especially when it comes to local elections such as voting for a district attorney.

Prosecuting attorneys have a lot more power than people might realize. They are the deciding factor in criminal cases, choosing which laws to enforce and who they want behind bars. For example, the prosecuting attorney in Brooklyn, Kenneth Thompson, announced that he will no longer be prosecuting any low-level marijuana offenders. So, even though marijuana is still highly illegal across the entire state of New York, Thompson has the power to ignore that law and choose not to prosecute anybody charged with related crimes.

But since most people do not take their serious power into account, district attorneys are voted back into office again and again, unchallenged and unquestioned. Furthermore, prosecutes are rarely asked to answer for their decisions because there is no checks and balance system in place for them.

In a country that is facing massive incarceration numbers and questionable rulings in criminal cases, it is time to take a stand and force prosecutors to be held accountable for their actions. Sam Tabar would remind citizens that your votes count and we the people get to choose who sits behind the D.A.’s desk. So, have your voice heard and let prosecutors know that you have your eye on them by voting in every single election.