Slyce’s New Beta Tools Make The Mobile Shopping Experience Even Better

Have You Heard Of Slyce?

If you are tired of standing in long lines at the shopping markets, then you might want to check out a new app called Slyce. Slyce has redefined the shopping experience. Since e-commerce has started a few decades back, we have been dreaming about a day when we could look at something in a window at a store and purchase it. Well, that day is here, and it is better than we imagined. First of all, you don’t even have to be at a store. With Slyce, you can take a picture of anything you want, any place you go, so you could be at home, at a friends house, or at a coffee shop down the road. You can use Slyce at any place that you have a cell signal. It’s beautiful and easy to use.

Slyce Introduces New Beta Tools

Slyce has a slew of new beta tools for image recognition that they are bringing off the shelves. They are here for retailers and consumers to use for their pleasure. The retailers connected with Slyce are big names, like JC Penny, Neiman Marcus and Home Depot. There are also a bunch of others connected through The new tool to help retailers understand the consumers’ shopping experience through Slyce is called Slyce Insights, and it is creating conversations between retailers and consumers like never before.

Consumers have a lot to look forward to with Slyce’s new beta tools. They are making the shopping experience even easier and more engaging than ever before. Consumers feel engaged in the shopping experience without being in the store, and they don’t have to feel forced or overwhelmed. One of the new tools is there to help consumers organize their coupons. They can take pictures of coupons in real life, and Slyce stores them on the app. Then, Slyce will send a reminder when the user is near the retail location or when the coupon is about to become expired.