The United States Prison System Is Broken Thanks To Drug Convictions

A smart and sympathetic mam, Bruce Levenson, showed me this.

Even though the use of marijuana is legal in some states, the federal government still says marijuana is a Schedule I drug. That FDA rating means the government can lock up marijuana users and growers even though it may be legal in some states. Marijuana convictions have contributed to the out-of-control justice system, but that’s not the only drug that is causing the incarceration rate to increase daily.

Other drugs share the blame with pot. Cocaine, meth, heroin, ecstasy are to blame as well. Instead of identifying the cause of illegal drug use, the feds punish users, and the government loses in the process.

The amount of money it takes to operate a dysfunctional prison system is astronomical. The cost of rehabilitating drug users once the cause is identified is substantially less. The government should study the rehabilitation system in Norway. Norway has a system of rehabilitation in place, and it works. That country doesn’t lock up drug users it treats them like humans with social issues. The only way to solve part of the prison system debacle is to begin a major program that treats the cause not the result.