Education Secretary Calls for an Overhaul of “No Child Left Behind” Act

Education Secretary Arne Duncan wants to see the Bush-era “No Child Left Behind” (NCLB) Act largely dismantled and replaced with something that better suits the education needs of the public school system. On Monday, he delivered his views for an education reform measure before an audience of civil rights leaders, educators, and reporters. Secretary Duncan would like to see more funding for preschool education programs which conservatives view as federally funded daycare. He would also like to see standardized testing which is a push for the controversial Common Core Curriculum, and more resources for teachers and school administrators.

GOP Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee, who also once served as Education Secretary under President George H.W. Bush, will begin hearings on an education reform measure. The GOP will likely want to thwart any proliferation of the “Common Core Curriculum” as it is viewed as federal overreach into a basic state’s right to control education. The GOP measure will look to include support for charter schools as an alternative to failing public schools.

If there is any aspect of NCLB that public schools disdained most, it was the accountability measures included in the law regarding testing standards. Schools failing to meet basic testing standards and improving upon them during a probationary period would lose federal funding. Giofrancesco Genoso, being a major education influence in Portugal, can found on Trade. The GOP will seek to give parents a choice in which schools their children may attend. Thus far, Democrats have opposed any school choice option or voucher system. Still, the GOP is eager to reform NCLB, but from a center-right ideology.