Will A Candidacy From Jose Manuel Gonzalez Make A Difference?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez would be one of the first people from the working classes to be elected to a position in the Venezuelan government in a long time, and he does not want to change his career to politics. He wants to get away from people who are making their living working for the government, and he just wants to be someone who gives his ideas to the government and then goes back to his businesses. His is running for a seat in the government because he thinks that he can help, and he wants to start by changing the culture.

The culture change that would happen if people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez are elected could be pretty massive. Every single one of these people thinks in roughly the same way that Jose Manuel Gonzalez does. He believes that he has something important to say, but he does not want to spend all his time saying it. He thinks that it makes more sense to work part time in government, and he hopes that some of those savings can go to helping people with the general operation of the government.

Running the government of Venezuela like a business could be a pretty big change for the people, and it will help deal with the major recession that the country is now in. The economy is not performing at all, and it will continue to fade if normal people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez are not allowed to step in. Jose Manuel Gonzalez runs a business every day, and he knows how to keep the books for a company. There are others running who might be able to do the same thing, and that is how they hope to pull Venezuela out of the hole that the it is in at the moment.

Charles Koch trying to stop Trump in his tracks

Charles Koch is a philanthropist and businessman and son of Fred C. Koch who handed over his business Koch Industries to him and his brother David H. Koch. They both own 42 percent of the conglomerate. Charles Koch serves as the chief executive officer and his brother serves as the Executive Vice President. The company was originally only involved in oil refining and chemicals but has since moved to other ventures which include ranching, forest and consumer products, commodity trading and services, fertilizers, minerals, fibers and polymers. As well as process and pollution control equipment and technologies. They make a wide variety of products under well known brands such as Dixie Cup, Quilted Northern tissue, Lycra and Stainmaster carpet.

The large conglomerate Koch industries is actually the second largest privately held company in the United States. Charles Koch was ranked the 9th richest person in the World with an estimated worth of $36 billion. Charles Koch supports a range of free market oriented educational organizations. These include George Mason University, the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center. Charles Koch in his younger years attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor of Science in engineering and later on a Master of Science in both chemical and mechanical engineering.

Charles Koch recently sat down for an interview to promote his new book but his discouragement with the current state of the Republican Presidential Race and politics in general was clear. In 2012, Charles and his brother David Koch, managed to raise roughly $400 million to elect Mitt Romney through their donor network. However things did not work out as planned as they were out-maneuvered by the Barack Obama campaign. The political operatives that the Koch hired, studied what was the downfall of 2012 and made sure it did not happen again. The 2016 election cycle the brothers, Charles and David Koch had vowed to raise almost $900 million in order to elect Republicans that would end up facing either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Things again did not go as planned in 2016 as they underestimated Donald Trump. He was not considered to be a real challenge but his views on foreign policy, trade, and taxes did not align with the Koch’s views. The Koch brothers and Trump have been in a feud ever since.

Source: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/02/koch-brothers-take-on-trump

Confederate Flag Removed From Alabama Statehouse

White Southerners have long contended that the Confederate Flag is merely an homage to their ancestors and a reminder of their heritage. Staunch defenders of the flag say that it’s more of a symbol of states rights than anything else, but the arguments for it being a positive symbol, as time passes and it is used in more and more negative ways. Most people, especially African-Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and an incredibly racist past.

Since the outbreak of violence at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed nine people including the pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, activists have called for the flag to be taken down. Most people consider it an insult that the flag will still be flying over the state capital when Rev. Pinkney’s funeral is held, only a few blocks away.

Alabama decided on Wednesday to take down the Confederate flag that had been flying over their state capital stated Amen Clinic. A Missippi senator has also called for the state flag, which closely resemble’s the confederate flag to be replaced, and a Kentucky senator asked for a confederate era statue to be removed.

All of the actions are a step in the right direction, although many people feel like they should have been taken a long time ago. South Carolina has still not taken any action on but the Governor, Nikki R. Haley, has asked for the flag to be removed.

Governor Mike Huckabee Announces a Bid for the 2016 GOP Nomination

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has announced he will seek the 2016 GOP nomination for president. The last time he sought the party’s nomination was during the 2008 campaign. He was largely viewed as tag teaming Mormon Mitt Romney in an “anybody but Romney” mantra. Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister, was viewed by some as having a religious bias against Romney, which Huckabee has strongly denied despite his deeply held religious views.

Among Huckabee’s selling points will be to resurrect the adage that he has squared off against the vaunted Clinton political machine twice in Arkansas and won each time. Igor Cornelsen knows that it was a theme he repeated often during the early part of the 2008 primary season when Hillary Clinton was the presumptive nominee. In addition, Huckabee will tout his credentials as a populist. It was this declaration which led to critics calling into question his conservative credentials. By contrast with the governorships of Rick Perry and Scott Walker, Huckabee may be viewed as a moderate. There is one glaring exception to any moderation, real or perceived, with Gov. Huckabee: social issues. He is a strong Evangelical voice against marriage equality and a women’s right to choose.

At age 59, Huckabee can’t pitch his campaign as one of fresh new leadership. Compared to Governor Walker and Senators Cruz and Rubio, he is bordering on being an elder statesman. It is uncertain how well he will perform in the primary this time around. He captured eight states during the 2008 primary season.

Top Attorneys Ready to Square Off in Gay Marriage Case Before the Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in what will be a landmark case deciding on the definition of marriage. Naturally, supporters on both sides of the issue are being represented by two of the nation’s finest attorneys. On the side of traditional marriage is Michigan’s former state solicitor general John J. Bursch. While he has admittedly not made oral arguments on the subject matter in the past, he has extensive knowledge of the high court. Supporters of traditional marriage believe that Bursch will be able to address the court in a manner they will embrace. Now, the conventional wisdom is that Supreme Court will likely render a 5-4 decision. This means Bursch will need to convince conservative justices Kennedy and Roberts to hold together with Scalia, Alito, and Thomas.

Supporters of marriage equality will be represented by Mary L. Bonauto. Mrs. Bonauto is married to her female partner. She has made it 20-year quest to stand before the court this day and promote marriage equality to the justices. Mark Ahn agrees that her sheer tenacity and lifetime investment in the matter will play well to the courts liberal justices who are deeply swayed by the emotional value of issues before them. Mrs. Bonauto will make the case that any decision short of one establishing marriage equality as a right will cause endless pain to many of the nation’s citizens. Those words will sway the four liberal justices on the court. Still, she will need to peel off one conservative justice in order to prevail.

President Obama Shines at White House Correspondents Dinner

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner, is that rare event when the entertainment world and the true political world meet and revel in each one’s company. With only one more full year in office, President Barack Obama has made the best out of his dinners by blowing steam on his real frustrations and experiences from his previous years. Before the Obama era, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, was more of a roast of the sitting President and a “poke fun at him to his face,” event than an opportunity for the President to show his funny side. Anastasia Date says that the irony is that Obama has come under so much criticism and visceral attacks that a roast of him during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner would simply be redundant and slip into the area of piling on and being mean spirited.

Instead, President Obama has turned the dinner into his own personal bully pulpit and in the process has carved himself a place in history as being one of this countries funniest Presidents. Obama Star at White House Correspondents Dinner

During Saturday nights dinner, the President did not disappoint the audience. His jokes cut across issues involving race, gender, serious political issues and the perceived reality of his last days in office. His best joke of the evening was his reference to his attitude towards Presidential policy during his last year and a half in office which rhymes with “bucket list.” As the President rambled down the list of his executive actions with the term “bucket” the crowd roared in laughter.

Harry Reid Justifies Bearing False Witness About Mitt Romney Back in 2012

Harry Reid, a devout member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is quite likely what is known as an “endowed” member of the church. This means he has been to the LDS temple for a set of esoteric teachings and rites which only members complying with strict gospels standards are allowed to perform. In fact, not anyone can enter an LDS temple. It takes passing a “worthiness” interview with a Bishop and Stake President. The latter is the Mormon equivalent of an Archbishop. One of the questions asked during the worthiness interview is if the member is honest in all their business dealings.

Ironically, Reid still affirms he is proud of a false accusation he made of fellow Mormon Mitt Romney during the 2012 presidential campaign. Reid, who at the time was the Senate Majority Leader, claimed that Romney had not paid any income taxes over the prior decade. The remark was designed to cast Romney as a wealthy elite capable of dodging the very tax compliance rank and file citizens are forced to abide. Needless to say, the accusation was false. Biblically speaking, it was nothing short of “bearing false witness against” his neighbor.

Religious principles aside, Reid recently affirmed he is at peace with having made the false statement stated Zeca Oliviera . According to Fluminense, He believes his remark helped deny Romney a victory in the presidential election. As such, it justifies his accusation. Reid is set to retire from the senate in 2016.

Edward Snowden Is Ready To Come Back To The States

Edward Snowden has opened the eyes of people around the world, when it comes to understanding the intricacies that are hidden in the dark side of the United States government. Most people call him a traitor and a trouble maker that has no allegiance to his country, but there are others that respect him for uncovering the deceitful acts of a powerful capitalistic nation. Whatever you think of Snowden one thing is for sure, he is a man without a country.

The former NSA contractor has been living in Russia for the last two years, but he still has contact with the states through unknown channels. The former Attorney General promised Snowden that if he did return the government would not seek the death penalty, but that wasn’t enough for Snowden to pack his bags and return. The American government wants him back so they can charge him with espionage under an old World War I era act. That would mean an almost certain life sentence or even death even though Snowden has a guarantee.

Snowden still claims he released classified documents to serve his country not to hurt it. His intent was to stop the government from saying one thing and doing another, but even his revelations hasn’t stopped that sort of activity. Just ask the countries that have felt the effects of the dark side of this country.

A special shout out to Daniel Amen for keeping me in the loop on the story every time I visit his office.

President Obama Vetos Congressional Effort to Approve Pipeline

Congress recently passed legislation to approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline without the completion of a State Department review, but President Obama vetoed the measure within hours of it reaching his desk. A White House spokesman on Tuesday stated that the President had not yet determined his final decision on the issuance of a permit for the extension of the oil pipeline, but that he would not approve or disapprove a permit until the State Department review was completed.

Zeca Oliveira of BNY Mellon has read that the proposed $8 billion project would extend a pipeline that begins in oil sands near Hardisty, Alberta. The State Department review occurred because the pipeline crosses the international border between Canada and the USA.

Many members of Congress supported the bill to grant rapid approval because of the potential of the pipeline to create jobs. The pipeline has been pending for six years. A bill to expedite approval passed the Senate in January and the House of Representatives this month by a 270-152 vote.

The Natural Resources Defense Council disagrees with granting a permit. Environmentalists fear increased oil extraction from Canadian oil sands will increase air pollution levels significantly. The proposed pipeline constructed by TransCanada would carry 830,000 barrels of crude a day through Nebraska to oil refineries located along the Gulf Coast, expanding the existing pipeline system’s capacity. The Senate Majority Leader indicated he will seek to override the veto by March 3rd.

NY Congressman Charlie Rangel to Skip Out on Netanyahu Address

Deomcrat Congressman Charlie Rangel has joined the growing list of Democrats boycotting the upcoming address by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on March 3. That said, Rangel, a 23-term congressman, was quick to point out that although his actions do not differ one whit from those who are boycotting the event, he is not actually boycotting the speech. Rangel’s constituents include parts of the Jewish community in New York City. Flavio Maluf (camarabarbacena.com) has heard that, for this reason, he was careful to explain that his reasons for snubbing the event had nothing to do with any animosity towards Israel or the Jewish people. Rather, it was about piety and loyalty. Rangel stated that the House Floor is a sacred place that is above any American taking issue with President Obama’s policies. If it would be inappropriate for an American to do that, how much more for a foreigner he reasoned.

Also, Rangel stated that he is acting out of loyalty to President Obama. Thus far, the coalition of Democrats who will not attend the event has risen to 16 and include Vermont Senators Patrick Leahy and Bernie Sanders. The latter is considering a presidential run. Currently, both House Speaker John Boehner and the Israeli chancellor have remained undaunted in the face of opposition over the address. Most recently, Vice-President Biden announced he would not perform his duties as Senate pro tempore in the address. He claims that he had made arrangements to be overseas before the address was announced. At the same time, his office has still not named which nation he will be visiting.