End Citizen Candidate Endorsement

End citizen united is still endorsing the candidates for the remaining months to elections. The candidates who are being endorsed are those that have demonstrated staunch support which is of the efforts in campaign finance reforms. The organization End Citizens United was formed in 2015 and after the 2010 case they had with the Federal Election Court where the Supreme Court ruled against their will, EUC has been therefore seeking to overturn that decision and what they want to support is the campaign finance reforms which will be through many ranges of activities. The organization is currently throwing its support behind the political candidates that have tracked their records by rejecting the dark money and they vote in measurable favors which stem the flow of that money in Washington. A lot is being expected during the midterm election, whereby End Citizens United is now officially endorsing dozens of the candidates, where it has also included those candidates that are vying for unseating Republican Incumbents.

By what reason was a political organization developed from the single case at Supreme Court? End Citizens United was therefore developed so that it could directly respond to Federal Election vs. End Citizens United case that was rule out by the supreme court. It has been able to open the floodgates which are dealing with the dark money so that it can pour the unrestricted coffers to the political candidates who are bought and then paid because of someone’s special interests. Instead of presenting their constituents, they all have wealth interests in individuals and also corporations which help by donating millions of dollars so that they give the candidate financial support.

There has been an avalanche of the dark money which has been flowing unabated into the political candidates such that the candidate will have unfair advantages which are over those that don’t prefer aligning themselves with corporations and big money. End Citizens United is, therefore, seeking to level the playing ground by trying to raise some funds through the grassroots efforts and they can use this money to give election support to pro-reform candidates. ECU has been able to emerge as a very powerful player in the few years of its existence for the American politics. Those candidates that get endorsed by the End Citizen United are more advantageous. They get their connections from grassroots End Citizen United members starting from their districts to state and also a national network which 400, 000 and more small-dollar donors. The average donation is just $14 dollars but they are aiming to raise upwards for the 2018 election cycle where they are targeting $35 million.

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According to the recent news, churches will have the right to recommend their preferred political candidates and still maintain their tax-free status as stipulated in the House GOP’s overhaul plan. This bill is meant to revoke a 63-year old law accredited to ex-president Lyndon Johnson while he was serving in the Senate. Nevertheless, critics have cautioned claiming that it could make loopholes that might channel tax-exempt money into political campaigns.

The congressional scorekeepers say that the endowment may cost $ 2 billion over the coming ten years. The Johnson amendment law does not tax-exempt charitable groups like churches to take part in any political campaign to approve or oppose a candidate. Once the IRS finds out that the organization has violated the law, it has the mandate to repeal its tax-free status.

The law does not inhibit these religious groups from weighing the public programs or unifying in various ways that might be beneficial to one party during the campaigns. However, the Democrats claim that emasculating the law will result in mixing church and state. They also argue that religious leaders have their First Amendment rights just like any other people. The Democrats add that if the religious leaders want to get into politics, then they must pay taxes as the constitution demands.

The GOP plan allows political undertakings by church provided they are a marginal cost. Nevertheless, the President of End Citizen United, Tiffany Muller points out that campaign finance groups reprimanded that the development might bring wide-ranging insinuations and churches will be turned into tools of surreptitious campaign spending.

Johnson presented the measure in 1954 while serving as a senator in Texas under the democratic party. The actions were triggered by his anger over some non-profit organizations that had criticized and called him a communist during the senate campaign. Although Dwight Eisenhower who was a Republican president signed the law, the Republicans have never stopped to criticize it as they vowed to repeal it as part of the tax overhaul.

About End Citizens United

This is the leading political action committee that is was founded by the grassroots donors in March 2015. End Citizens United is committed to counteracting the ruinous effects of citizen united and revolutionized its campaign finance system. The committee strives to show elected candidates, officials, voters, and media that the grassroots are fighting the ever-rising shamelessness of billionaires trying to buy votes. This will play a vital role in designing a broad coalition that works towards campaign finance reform and coercing lawmakers to act.

The primary mission of End Citizens United is to end big money in politics and fix the rigged political system. This is achieved by electing campaign finance reform candidates, passing ballot measures and uplifting this issue into a national dialogue. Read more:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/End_Citizens_United


End Citizens United’s Efforts in Rooting for the Johnson Amendment

United States of America’s famous political organization, End Citizens United (ECU) has led to the implementation reforms in Big Money. Tiffany Muller is the Chief Executive Officer of End Citizens United. The organization aims at achieving transparency with how campaign money for aspirants is distributed. They are doing everything in their power to disapprove the U.S Supreme Court ruling. The decision was influenced by another political body, Citizens United. Besides, the Federal Election Commission of the United States of America also had a hand in it.

Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has endorsed many aspirants into the political race. Nevertheless, those from Democratic Party have always had the upper hand. They include Hillary Clinton, Doug Jones, Elizabeth Warren and many others. End Citizens United is positive that in the coming elections conducted by the Federal Election Commission will embrace truth and transparency in the results. In addition to that, the organization has gained notable fame on various social media platforms. Their efforts in funding campaigns through generous donations are bearing fruition with numerous comments on their Facebook page.

Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United and his employees have stepped forward to defend the Johnston Amendment. This amendment was surfaced by Lyndon Johnson, a Senator in the United States of America’s government. The regulations are meant to go against 501(c) (3) organizations so they don’t involve in politics during campaigns. Among the institutions are the different churches in the United States of America.

End Citizens United’s members have actively involved themselves in ensuring that the Johnson Amendment fulfils its purpose. Tiffany Muller addressed this issue in a recent press release. He said that End Citizen United will fight tooth and nail to eliminate churches from being used wrongly for political gains. Thus, the new regulation would stop the negative influence that aspirants fuel in houses of God. Also, Johnson Amendment forbids political leaders from receiving taxes from higher learning institutions and philanthropic organizations.

The Johnson Amendment has always been overlooked. It is a time it started operating because tax-exempt institutions yearn for their exemption from matters pertaining to the state. In the U.S Constitution, the Article in which the amendment is stated still allows these entities to participate in other political activities but campaigns. Similarly, the John Amendment also allows tax-exempt organizations to conduct voters’ registrations and many other political exercises.

End Citizens United is positive that they will defend the Johnson Amendment at all costs. All the other organizations are hoping to sabotage and get in the way when the bill will be passed in the United States of America’s parliament. Nevertheless, Tiffany Muller and his reliable team at End Citizens United have vowed to protect the amendment to the latter. Indeed, the efforts of End Citizens United in rooting for the amendment will soon pay off.  Check more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/06/end-citizens-united-explains-why-we-need-to-re-evaluate-our-campaign-finance-rules/


End Citizen United Fight to Protect the Johnson Amendment

End Citizen United is fighting to save the Johnson amendment. This amendment bill was introduced by Lyndon Jonson when he was a US Senator. The bill which was passed in 1954 would ensure that Church money would not be used for politics. This bill is now in jeopardy as the country is at a point where tax-exempted money from non-profit organizations and church donations will be allowed into politics where these organizations and churches will be allowed to donate to campaigns and candidates of their choice. However, the End Citizen United has decided to protect this amendment. Lyndon Johnson, despite all the attacks from non-profit organizations, and being called a communist, he stood up to the unfairness of the use of untaxed money to support or oppose political candidates. The law protects tax-exempted money and donations meant to help the poor, sick, and elderly from being used for political purposes.

In 2010, the supreme court decision which favored End Citizen United and established a legal base for corporations and individuals to donate as much money as they would like to campaign for their favorite candidates. This decision has led to a lot of untraceable money into politics and has allowed for the emergence of corruption as well. The people and corporations who donate some try to make the politicians who are elected into office to favor them, therefore, buying power. Republicans have attempted to dismiss the Johnson bill, but they failed. They then came up with the same attempt to amend the bill, but this time they exempted religious organizations from official oversight. There have been previous attempts to weaken this bill such as the signed executive order by Trump that discouraged the IRS from imposing the law.Visit secure.actblue.com to know more.

Religious organizations are not allowed to donate money to politics because people donate money to these organizations to help with church activities and help people in need. It is, therefore, not fair to those who contributed the money if it goes into politics. Those who donated the money to the organization may not even be supporting the candidate being funded. In 2015 over 119 billion dollars was donated to religious organizations. In order for any religious and non-profit organization to maintain its status of the tax-exemption, it has to stay away from politics. Some of these organizations have already decided to lose their tax-exemption status, but over 100 religious organizations understand the importance of the Johnson law and have stood with End Citizen Organization to protect it. The End Citizen United has taken the responsibility to raise awareness and educated Americans at the grassroots level on campaign finances. It is also working to fund candidates who understand the importance of these laws and who want campaign reforms in order to bring back democracy and transparency into the political campaign reforms.

Check more:http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/end-citizens-united-pac-wants-make-its-name-reality

George Soros making the largest transfer to Open Society Foundations

Top philanthropist George Soros just transferred $18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations. This one of the largest transfers ever made by a private individual to one foundation. The transfer was just made public but occurred over several years. Soros’ foundation the Open Society Foundations is one of the largest organizations in the United States, second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

More than 30 years ago the Open Society Foundations was started and its goal is to promote open democracy human rights throughout the entire world and so far has reached into 120 countries. More recently, the Open Society Foundations turned their attention to the United States and funded programs that protect the LGBTQ community as well as reducing police abuse of minorities. The Open Society Foundations funded treatment centers for the 2014 Ebola outbreak protected people in the United States from what they believed was a string of hate incidents and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros is best known for his political involvement over the years. He recently became a major donor to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign in 2016 as well as other key Democratic politicians. George Soros has made a number of contributions ranging in the millions to super PACs that were against Mr. Trump and learn more about George Soros.

Patrick Gaspard, the Open Society Foundations vice president said that the election of President Trump gave the foundation a renewed sense of urgency. George Soros’ past gave him a strong passion for philanthropy.

George Soros was raised in Nazi-occupied Hungary and later Communist controlled Budapest. He escaped for London and did work as a railway porter and then emigrated to the United States where he made a name for himself in the financial circles. He is best known for making a $1 billion wager against the British pound in 1992, earning him the nickname “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations through annual donations ranging from $800 to $900 million. His recent contributions have grown to $18 billion as he begins to plan his estate. According to the Open Society Foundations website, more than $900 million on programs and grants. Many expect George Soros to contribute $2 billion dollars in the coming years and more information click here.

The Open Society Foundations has left an imprint on societies all over the world. Soros and the Open Society Foundations has worked with minorities from all over the world including the Roma people in Eastern Europe and African-Americans in Cleveland, Ohio. Soros’ $18 billion dollar contribution is a majority of George Soros’ estimated fortune of $23 billion dollars and Follow him Twitter.com.

Will A Candidacy From Jose Manuel Gonzalez Make A Difference?

Jose Manuel Gonzalez would be one of the first people from the working classes to be elected to a position in the Venezuelan government in a long time, and he does not want to change his career to politics. He wants to get away from people who are making their living working for the government, and he just wants to be someone who gives his ideas to the government and then goes back to his businesses. His is running for a seat in the government because he thinks that he can help, and he wants to start by changing the culture.

The culture change that would happen if people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez are elected could be pretty massive. Every single one of these people thinks in roughly the same way that Jose Manuel Gonzalez does. He believes that he has something important to say, but he does not want to spend all his time saying it. He thinks that it makes more sense to work part time in government, and he hopes that some of those savings can go to helping people with the general operation of the government.

Running the government of Venezuela like a business could be a pretty big change for the people, and it will help deal with the major recession that the country is now in. The economy is not performing at all, and it will continue to fade if normal people like Jose Manuel Gonzalez are not allowed to step in. Jose Manuel Gonzalez runs a business every day, and he knows how to keep the books for a company. There are others running who might be able to do the same thing, and that is how they hope to pull Venezuela out of the hole that the it is in at the moment.

Charles Koch trying to stop Trump in his tracks

Charles Koch is a philanthropist and businessman and son of Fred C. Koch who handed over his business Koch Industries to him and his brother David H. Koch. They both own 42 percent of the conglomerate. Charles Koch serves as the chief executive officer and his brother serves as the Executive Vice President. The company was originally only involved in oil refining and chemicals but has since moved to other ventures which include ranching, forest and consumer products, commodity trading and services, fertilizers, minerals, fibers and polymers. As well as process and pollution control equipment and technologies. They make a wide variety of products under well known brands such as Dixie Cup, Quilted Northern tissue, Lycra and Stainmaster carpet.

The large conglomerate Koch industries is actually the second largest privately held company in the United States. Charles Koch was ranked the 9th richest person in the World with an estimated worth of $36 billion. Charles Koch supports a range of free market oriented educational organizations. These include George Mason University, the Institute for Humane Studies and the Mercatus Center. Charles Koch in his younger years attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he received a bachelor of Science in engineering and later on a Master of Science in both chemical and mechanical engineering.

Charles Koch recently sat down for an interview to promote his new book but his discouragement with the current state of the Republican Presidential Race and politics in general was clear. In 2012, Charles and his brother David Koch, managed to raise roughly $400 million to elect Mitt Romney through their donor network. However things did not work out as planned as they were out-maneuvered by the Barack Obama campaign. The political operatives that the Koch hired, studied what was the downfall of 2012 and made sure it did not happen again. The 2016 election cycle the brothers, Charles and David Koch had vowed to raise almost $900 million in order to elect Republicans that would end up facing either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. Things again did not go as planned in 2016 as they underestimated Donald Trump. He was not considered to be a real challenge but his views on foreign policy, trade, and taxes did not align with the Koch’s views. The Koch brothers and Trump have been in a feud ever since.

Source: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2016/02/koch-brothers-take-on-trump

Confederate Flag Removed From Alabama Statehouse

White Southerners have long contended that the Confederate Flag is merely an homage to their ancestors and a reminder of their heritage. Staunch defenders of the flag say that it’s more of a symbol of states rights than anything else, but the arguments for it being a positive symbol, as time passes and it is used in more and more negative ways. Most people, especially African-Americans see the Confederate flag as a symbol of racism and an incredibly racist past.

Since the outbreak of violence at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, that killed nine people including the pastor, Rev. Clementa Pinckney, activists have called for the flag to be taken down. Most people consider it an insult that the flag will still be flying over the state capital when Rev. Pinkney’s funeral is held, only a few blocks away.

Alabama decided on Wednesday to take down the Confederate flag that had been flying over their state capital stated Amen Clinic. A Missippi senator has also called for the state flag, which closely resemble’s the confederate flag to be replaced, and a Kentucky senator asked for a confederate era statue to be removed.

All of the actions are a step in the right direction, although many people feel like they should have been taken a long time ago. South Carolina has still not taken any action on but the Governor, Nikki R. Haley, has asked for the flag to be removed.

Governor Mike Huckabee Announces a Bid for the 2016 GOP Nomination

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has announced he will seek the 2016 GOP nomination for president. The last time he sought the party’s nomination was during the 2008 campaign. He was largely viewed as tag teaming Mormon Mitt Romney in an “anybody but Romney” mantra. Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister, was viewed by some as having a religious bias against Romney, which Huckabee has strongly denied despite his deeply held religious views.

Among Huckabee’s selling points will be to resurrect the adage that he has squared off against the vaunted Clinton political machine twice in Arkansas and won each time. Igor Cornelsen knows that it was a theme he repeated often during the early part of the 2008 primary season when Hillary Clinton was the presumptive nominee. In addition, Huckabee will tout his credentials as a populist. It was this declaration which led to critics calling into question his conservative credentials. By contrast with the governorships of Rick Perry and Scott Walker, Huckabee may be viewed as a moderate. There is one glaring exception to any moderation, real or perceived, with Gov. Huckabee: social issues. He is a strong Evangelical voice against marriage equality and a women’s right to choose.

At age 59, Huckabee can’t pitch his campaign as one of fresh new leadership. Compared to Governor Walker and Senators Cruz and Rubio, he is bordering on being an elder statesman. It is uncertain how well he will perform in the primary this time around. He captured eight states during the 2008 primary season.

Top Attorneys Ready to Square Off in Gay Marriage Case Before the Supreme Court

On Tuesday, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in what will be a landmark case deciding on the definition of marriage. Naturally, supporters on both sides of the issue are being represented by two of the nation’s finest attorneys. On the side of traditional marriage is Michigan’s former state solicitor general John J. Bursch. While he has admittedly not made oral arguments on the subject matter in the past, he has extensive knowledge of the high court. Supporters of traditional marriage believe that Bursch will be able to address the court in a manner they will embrace. Now, the conventional wisdom is that Supreme Court will likely render a 5-4 decision. This means Bursch will need to convince conservative justices Kennedy and Roberts to hold together with Scalia, Alito, and Thomas.

Supporters of marriage equality will be represented by Mary L. Bonauto. Mrs. Bonauto is married to her female partner. She has made it 20-year quest to stand before the court this day and promote marriage equality to the justices. Mark Ahn agrees that her sheer tenacity and lifetime investment in the matter will play well to the courts liberal justices who are deeply swayed by the emotional value of issues before them. Mrs. Bonauto will make the case that any decision short of one establishing marriage equality as a right will cause endless pain to many of the nation’s citizens. Those words will sway the four liberal justices on the court. Still, she will need to peel off one conservative justice in order to prevail.