Andrea McWilliams: The Entrepreneurial Political Commentator and Philanthropist

Andrea McWilliams was born and raised on Congress Avenue in Austin, Texas. She announced her intelligence by earning herself an executive position in her early 20s. She is a talented and passionate political fundraiser, lobbyist, commentator, and strategist. Andrea is a loving wife to Dean McWilliams and a proud mother of three beautiful children. Together with her family, Andrea resides in Old Enfield, Texas. She was diagnosed with breast cancer some years back, but she successfully fought the life-threatening disease.

Awards and Media Features

Andrea stands out in a largely male dominated field for her extraordinary ability to persuade, mobilize, and influence people to embrace and fully own her intended agenda. Her unique personality has time to time been recognized by notable media houses like BBC and CNN. She has also received accolades from reputable organizations like the Austin Business Journal, the Austin American-Statesman, and Girl Scouts of Central Texas.

Job Experience

McWilliams secured a job at the Public Strategies, Inc.., a reputable public relations company. It is while here that she sharpened her public relations skills as well as entrepreneurial & managerial skills. When she met her husband, an equally talented & experienced entrepreneurial mind, the two teamed up to establish a full-service firm of governance consultancy. The company was named McWilliams, after its co-founders, and is currently regarded as one of the most prominent political consultancy firms in Texas and beyond. Andrea served, at different times, as a member of Girl Scouts Centennial Celebration, on the PAC Board of Ryan, and the Emerald Ball Committee.

Her Community Involvement

As a cancer survivor, Andrea uses her experience to encourage patients struggling with cancer, especially breast cancer. She has been featured by several women magazines where she gives tips on to win against the disease. She has also actively taken part in community programs aimed at sensitizing people about cancer.