End Citizens United’s Efforts in Rooting for the Johnson Amendment

United States of America’s famous political organization, End Citizens United (ECU) has led to the implementation reforms in Big Money. Tiffany Muller is the Chief Executive Officer of End Citizens United. The organization aims at achieving transparency with how campaign money for aspirants is distributed. They are doing everything in their power to disapprove the U.S Supreme Court ruling. The decision was influenced by another political body, Citizens United. Besides, the Federal Election Commission of the United States of America also had a hand in it.

Since its establishment in 2015, End Citizens United has endorsed many aspirants into the political race. Nevertheless, those from Democratic Party have always had the upper hand. They include Hillary Clinton, Doug Jones, Elizabeth Warren and many others. End Citizens United is positive that in the coming elections conducted by the Federal Election Commission will embrace truth and transparency in the results. In addition to that, the organization has gained notable fame on various social media platforms. Their efforts in funding campaigns through generous donations are bearing fruition with numerous comments on their Facebook page.

Tiffany Muller, the president of End Citizens United and his employees have stepped forward to defend the Johnston Amendment. This amendment was surfaced by Lyndon Johnson, a Senator in the United States of America’s government. The regulations are meant to go against 501(c) (3) organizations so they don’t involve in politics during campaigns. Among the institutions are the different churches in the United States of America.

End Citizens United’s members have actively involved themselves in ensuring that the Johnson Amendment fulfils its purpose. Tiffany Muller addressed this issue in a recent press release. He said that End Citizen United will fight tooth and nail to eliminate churches from being used wrongly for political gains. Thus, the new regulation would stop the negative influence that aspirants fuel in houses of God. Also, Johnson Amendment forbids political leaders from receiving taxes from higher learning institutions and philanthropic organizations.

The Johnson Amendment has always been overlooked. It is a time it started operating because tax-exempt institutions yearn for their exemption from matters pertaining to the state. In the U.S Constitution, the Article in which the amendment is stated still allows these entities to participate in other political activities but campaigns. Similarly, the John Amendment also allows tax-exempt organizations to conduct voters’ registrations and many other political exercises.

End Citizens United is positive that they will defend the Johnson Amendment at all costs. All the other organizations are hoping to sabotage and get in the way when the bill will be passed in the United States of America’s parliament. Nevertheless, Tiffany Muller and his reliable team at End Citizens United have vowed to protect the amendment to the latter. Indeed, the efforts of End Citizens United in rooting for the amendment will soon pay off.  Check more on End Citizens United Explains Why We Need to Re-Evaluate Our Campaign Finance Rules:https://technewsspy.com/2017/10/06/end-citizens-united-explains-why-we-need-to-re-evaluate-our-campaign-finance-rules/


Jonathan Veitch: Leading the Way

Veitch was born in Los Angeles, California in 1959. He attended Loyola High School before graduating and going Stanford University where he earned his bachelor’s degree. He continued his education to Harvard University where earned a doctoral degree in the History of American Civilization.

He taught at the University of Wisconsin, in the English department, before joining The New School. There he was an associate professor of literature and history. He served stints as chair of humanities and associate provost before becoming dean for five years.

On June 30 of 2009, Veitch succeeded Robert Skotheim and became the first Angeleno president of Occidental College. The first priority he took action upon was improving the relationships between the college and the community that surrounded it. The surrounding community had concerns about the growing size of the college. Veitch limited the expansion of the campus, as to not encroach any further into the community’s space.

He also looked over current situations at the college and launched a new integrated strategic planning process. The process better charted Occidental’s future and has since then strengthened their civic engagement, arts, and global literacy program. They also begin creating new partnerships with groups like the premier cultural institutions in Southern California.

As part of his new planning, he was able to complete the construction of the new Samuelson Alumni Center, and he renovated and expanded Swan Hall, which is 98 years old and houses more than a third of Occidental’s faculty. The interior renovations to the Johnson Hall are currently taking place so that it can house the new McKinnon Family Center for Politics and Global Affairs. And thanks to the Rose Hills Foundation, the lower level of the Johnson Student Center is also being renovated.

Furthermore, in April of 2013 he revealed a 1 megawatt solar array that would be on the Occidental campus. It would produce a portion of the campus’s energy supply, no longer using as much of the community’s supply. The solar array is one of the largest of it kinds that resides in Los Angeles. Since being installed on campus, it has been generating around 11% of Occidental’s annual electrical usage.

He and his wife, Sarah, and their three children currently live on Occidental’s campus in the Wallis Annenberg President’s house.