Obama puts his foot down for the People

Monday president Obama used executive order to issue a statement disallowing the federal government program to provide local police force with military type weapons. Obama stated that “There is a fine line between our military and our police force, we want people to look at police as guardians not warriors.”
According to Igor Cornelsen the Federal Government is no longer allowed to provide armored vehicles, tanks (or anything that has tracks), weaponized aircraft, ammo and firearms bigger than a .50 caliber, bayonets and grenade launchers. Obama feels that if we want the people to respect the police force and act like civil humans, then we need to stop coming at them with military grade weapons like they are the bad guys. This measure will take place immediately and any of the violating items will be removed as soon as possible. Other items are also included in this ban including weaponized hummers, manned aircraft, drones or special firearms.
Overall this is a very important step in Obama career and a good productive step forward for America and its crime. We as a nation need to come to grips that the police are on our side and the police need to stick to what they know and what they have been trained to do. This bond between law enforcement and citizens is crucial to the survival of America and putting an end to these racial acts on both sides of the straw.