Gloucester Police Department Offers Help to Heroin Addicts Who Turn in Their Drugs

Being caught for the first time using heroin is a misdemeanor in Massachusetts. If a person is found in possession of heroin, he can serve up to two years in prison. In addition to imprisonment, the felon can be charged $1,000 for a first time offense for possession. Recently, the Gloucester Police Department decided people who are addicted to heroinshould be given the chance to receive help instead of being arrested. People who have heroin should turn it in to the police as soon as possible. Heroin users will be awarded with the chance to be admitted into a dug center for rehabilitation, free of charge.
The money collected by seizing the drug dealers will be used to pay for drug treatment. Campanello assured the public anyone who freely decides to walk into the police station to turn in all their drug paraphernalia will not receive a criminal charge. Instead, addicts will be assigned “an angel,” who’ll assist the heroin user in obtaining help.The police chief compares heroin addicts to someone who smokes cigarettes. You wouldn’t arrest someone and throw them in jail because they smoke cigarettes. If someone who smokes cigarettes happens to get lung cancer, they certainly wouldn’t be turned down for insurance or medical treatment because of what their addiction did to them. All heroin use is, is an addiction that needs to be treated, not punished.

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