Goettl Air Conditioning: Giving Awards For a Better Future

There are some who see the future as fertile ground for all dreams to grow, which is what propels Ken Goodrich–owner of Goettl Air Conditioning–to give. He gave a lucky student the opportunity to start his HVAC career with a reward of 1,000 dollars.

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Getting to Know Goettl Air Conditioning

Goodrich owns Goettl Air Conditioning, so it is clear that the HVAC industry is important to him. The Goettl Air Conditioning company has been awarded recognition by several of their customers. One can clearly see the dedication this company has shown on Twitter to excellence in heating and air conditioning services by simply visiting their company’s site.

The company itself started back in 1939 with a vision. The vision was to take away any worries regarding a home’s heating and air systems. Goettl has succeeded in this by providing 24/7 services and staying up-to-date in technologies that improve indoor air quality.

Investing in Education Matters to Goettl

Goodrich is involved in several educational programs that focus on the HVAC industry. For one, he sponsors the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Lab at CSN. He also sponsors the “Son of a Gun” Scholarship, which is awarded to a student from a multiple generation family in the air conditioning industry. Like Goettl Air Conditioning on Facebook to keep up with all of their latest news.

Education and improving HVAC technologies is Goodrich’s goal because he believes that a home deserves the very best. But he acknowledges that “the best” is more of a horizon rather than something that ends. There will always be room for improvement in Goodrich’s eyes.

The latest step Goodrich took–reported by PR Newswire–was at the College of Southern Nevada when he awarded the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Award to Nick Hughes. Nick Hughes is a US Navy soldier who finished his tour a few years ago. He was lost like many soldiers until he found a promising career in the HVAC industry. Hughes concentrated on a two-year applied science in air conditioning technology program at his college and excelled.

Being the recipient of the Post 9/11 Veterans Tools Awards gives Hughes the grand total of 1,000 dollars to spend on tools that he will need for the job. No longer will he have to have an employer take out money from his paycheck. This is a great way for a promising student and a proud veteran to start his career in the HVAC industry. Goodrich is just happy to be a part of this young man’s career and life.

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