Adam Milstein and the New Liberal Alliance

The Nazis nurtured the alliance between right-wing extremists and Islamic radicals, playing down their differences. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem confided in Adolf Hitler that the Muslims and the Nazis had the same enemies: “the English, the Jews, and the Communists.” In addition, both sides detested western customs and tolerance. In modern times, Islamic fundamentalists have joined left-wing extremists in their hatred of the west. This strange coalition of Muslim extremists with the extreme right and the extreme left is putting aside differences and coordinating actions against anyone perceived as an enemy. They consistently portray Jews as a powerful interest group subjugating Muslims worldwide.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila founded the pro-Jewish Milstein Family Foundation, to provide support to a variety of organizations developed to sustain the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

According to Adam Milstein, the brainwashing starts early in Islamic Madrasas and in western educational institutions. In universities across the United States, Jews are portrayed as white supremacists, colonists occupying captured lands, and dominant oppressors of poor Muslims. At last year’s Chicago Dyke March supporting the gay community, marchers were forced out for displaying the Star of David on their pride flags.

During the Iranian revolution, a union of Islamic radicals, women, teenagers, children, and left-wing radicals protested and eventually overthrew the Shah. Once the Ayatollah Khomeini was in charge, the left, the women and the teenagers were in chains and the children were used as a “crusade” against Saddam Hussein. Wearing plastic “keys to heaven” pendants around their necks, they were marched by the thousands across minefields and into enemy fire. The modern combination of radicals of the left and right combining with Islamic hard-liners is bringing together plans and synchronizing operations.

Israeli-American Adam Milstein was a soldier during the Yom Kippur War before coming to American. After his immigration, he worked his way up in commercial real estate to become a managing director of Hager Pacific Properties. Once retired, Adam Milstein became an impassioned pro-Israel and pro-Jewish speaker and writer. He warns of the developing dangers worldwide that threaten to “delegitimize” and slowly smother the nation of Israel.

The Michigan Great Dick DeVos

To be successful in life, one must possess unique qualities. Dick DeVos outlines that for one to be an achiever, he or she should be bold, humble and hardworking. According to him, what’s is more vital is making a difference and being able to follow one’s commitments. Dick DeVos is an inventive business entrepreneur in Michigan.


DeVos frequently speaks on business innovation, community building and organizational growth and leadership. Dick has chaired various positions of leadership and administration throughout his life. He served as the vice president of Amway International where he later succeeded his father and became the president.


He currently acts as the chairperson of the NBA’s Orlando Magic, and The Windquest Group. In addition to this, in the business world, he has initiated various leadership programs. Dick is a graduate of Northwood University. Dick is a family man. Betsy and Dick have been married for over 30 years. They have four children,


The couple works together and has been very successful over the years. They claim to have inculcated their values from the parents. In fact, Dick counts himself lucky to have been brought up in a wealthy family. The couple has come up with a foundation known as; The Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation.


The primary objective of this Foundation is to initiate and influence the growth of all communities. The organization was launched in 1989.The couple’s faith motivate their giving. In the education sector, they strive to initiate positive change by providing access opportunities in education. The foundation desires to transform the community and provide the social amenities required such as health.


It also serves as a tool for preaching justice by supporting groups that advocate for human rights. On matters regarding leadership, the foundation trains and supports future leaders. Read more about The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation.


Dick being a busy man, he has appointed a new CEO of the Stow Company; Phil Dolci is the elected leader. He has vast knowledge and expertise in handling consumer goods. He is well equipped with more than 20 years of experience. He is the former CEO of Crosman Corporation,


Phil holds an MBA from at Northwestern University. He graduated in economics from the University of Chicago. Dick is positive that Dolci will oversee and promote the Stow Company brands. DeVos trusts Phil’s model authority and administrative ability is the only thing that The Stow Company requires, for its growth and development