The Excellent Accomplishments of Clay Siegall in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Various pharmaceutical corporations have been making progress in cancer research in the past years. One of them is Seattle Genetics, which was established by Clay Siegall. The company has been on the front line in assisting cancer patients to have a long life. It has currently developed various cancer therapies that have been approved by the FDA and related bodies across the globe. The price Seattle Genetics’ shares have tripled since 2012. Dr. Clay Siegall currently acts as the CEO of the firm, and he has been guiding it to be successful.


Clay Siegall has been passionate about conducting research on cancer since he joined the biomedical industry. He has excellent academic accomplishments that have enabled him to have a successful career. Siegall enrolled for his Ph.D. at the George Washington University. He started his research career by working at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute (BMSPRI). The company appointed him to serve as the Senior Research Investigator, and he guided its scientists for a while. He was the promoted to act as the principal scientist of the firm. Dr. Clay left BMSPRI and joined the National Cancer Institute where he was appointed to serve as the biotechnology and staff fellow. He gained a lot of experience when he was at the firm and then launched Seattle Genetics.


The excellent career performance of Siegall has enabled him to be offered various awards. In 2013, he was named by the University of Maryland as the Alumnus of the Year for Natural Sciences, Computer, and Mathematics. He was once appointed by Mirna Therapeutics to serve it as an external board member since January 2013. The company trusts him due to his vast knowledge and experience in pharmaceuticals. Siegall was one of the experts who participated in the formation of micro-RNA-based therapeutics. According to him, therapeutics play a great role in the curing of cancer. He believes that the scientist at Mirna are doing a great job and he is glad to be an outside director of the enterprise. Clay has been working with the administration of the firm to establish reliable cures for cancer. He has conducted significant research work and currently holds more than 15 patents.