When your love for a pop star begun in your childhood and you have been training 4 hours daily for 28 years to be like your idol, the results can be confusing. So surreal that the only one-word close to describing that is Magical Realism. Sergio Cortes is an impersonator per excellence. With a professional brand and work ethic to boot, Sergio Cortes has been a force to reckon with in this competitive workspace. He has created a professional team with stage managers, backup singers, dancers and an experienced set team that drives him forward. It has created a force with celebrity status in Brazil and a huge fan following around South America.
Whereas his love for Michael begun at a young age, his career has a double begun by a chance occurrence one winter morning in the streets of Madrid. His brother, fresh from Jackson 5 concert brought along a copy of Jackson 5 mixtape. From then onwards, Michael had him. He started dressing like him and talking like him. It was a Eureka discovery.
At age 16, he grew out his hair and started wearing his clothes. A journalist snapped him a picture and was soon hired to fool the press during Michael’s wedding. He then started doing everything in his powers to make money from this career.
His efforts have finally paid off, and he is currently on a world tour. His most recent performances drew out record crowds in front of a packed audience. He is definitely at the peak of his career and has received financial rewards for that. Sergio has significantly leveraged social media to drive his brand forwards at a time when it is the cheapest form of advertising. Follow him on twitter and facebook.
Sergio Cortes is an avid collector. He recently started that Michalis Glove may sell for $ 20000 at an auction. It is a grove thought holy among Michael’s fans. The glove grossed over $ 400 000 in a previous auction. It is expected in a fair market; it could fetch up to $ 1 million. Sergio Cortes was against the sale of the Nevada ranch. The home of Michael Jackson was filled with children every weekend. Sergio states its insensitive to sell it.
On a personal note, Michael is thought to be gay. He lives privately in Rio de Janeiro with his dog and a few friends.