Greg Finch Lists among the Best Orthopedic Surgeons in Australia

Orthopedic surgeries are operations performed on the body’s muscles and the bone structure of a human being. However, doctors can approach orthopedic problems using nonsurgical approach. The volume being the quantitative measure, the most prevalent orthopedic procedures include;

Total Joint Replacement.

Most of the patients undergoing this procedure have previously been diagnosed with severe chronic arthritis. The process gets carried out to relieve pain and increase the range of motion in the joints. The process involves assessing the damage on the parts of the bones. The damaged sections of the joint get replaced with a metal or plastic surface. The replacements contribute to the reduction of pain and improved range of motion for the joint.

Total Shoulder Replacement.

The shoulder is among the most used joints in the human body. Problems requiring this type of procedure may be as a result of accidents, fractures and tearing during sporting activities. The procedure sounds painful, but it’s primarily done to reduce pain to the patient. Damaged parts of the bone and cartilage get replaced with metal or plastic surfaces. It helps increase the shoulders range of motion.

ACL Reconstruction

The surgery is carried out to reconstruct a torn anterior cruciate ligament. The operation involves removing the torn ligament and replacing it with tissue from a donor. The new tissue gets held in place with a screw or other devices. During the healing process, the tunnel created on the bone fills up with new tissue and holds the ligament in place.

One of the leading Orthopedic Surgeon recognized for his work is Greg Finch. Greg Finch is a specialist in spinal surgery, pediatric and trauma. During his training, he got exposed to all aspects of spinal related surgeries. However, Greg Finch has interests in spine surgeries that allows only for minimal invasion. Additionally, he has experience in rectifying adult deformity and cervical spine surgery that includes disc replacement.

After attaining his FRACS, Greg Finch traveled the world learning and performing operations in the UK and the States. He accompanied experienced and world leaders in the practice. Today, Greg Finch practices at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.