NSA Spy Program Finally Suffocated to Death

The NSA’s domestic spy program has officially ended Sunday evening after the Senate was unable to pass key provisions to keep the program active. The Senate had a rare Sunday conference in order to discuss extending the NSA domestic surveillance program. No deal could be agreed upon and the Patriot Act was left on the table to die like a patient bleeding out in a hospital.

The Senate did however make some progress in negotiating the reformed version of the Patriot Act known as the USA Freedom Act. Senator Rand Paul once again became an obstacle in even attempting to pass the reform bill into law.

The most important provision to expire was 215. It mainly involves the bulk collection of phone records from American citizens. It also includes the ability to perform wire taps on multiple phones a suspect may be using simultaneously.

The process of shutting down the wiretapping program started days ago. If a new bill were to pass it could take up to 24 hours before the surveillance systems could resume monitoring.

Senators attempted to pass short extensions for key provisions of the bill. Lawyer Sam Tabar said Senator Rand Paul objected and continued his campaign against all NSA surveillance, a key component of his presidential bid.