How Well Do You Know Donald Trump?

Maybe you’ve heard that Donald Trump is running for president again. Donald ran in the past, but for whatever reason, he didn’t win. Donald is now 69 years old, and he has stated that he’s running for president again. Get To Know Donald Trump. Maybe you think you know everything there is to know about Donald Trump, but there are some things you may not be privy to. One thing you should know is that he’s a businessman first and foremost. He’s made a massive fortune of $9 billion selling and buying real estate as well as other businesses that helped him to make money.

Although he was well known for being a real estate mogul, he’s also well-known for the reality show “Celebrity Apprentice.” Another thing to know about Donald is that he is married to a much younger woman who is absolutely gorgeous. Many, like Adam Sender, feel that if he gets into the White House, he may just have the best looking First Lady to ever be in the White House. Donald’s father was a businessman as well, and he was in the same exact business of real estate too.

Donald currently has five children, and he’s been divorced two times. Donald also shows that he has a good sense of humor, and he let himself be roasted on a TV show. He’s also a supporter of the tea party, and of course he’s super rich, and that’s what he’s mostly known for.

One Lucky High School Senior Lives The American Dream

Pay attention to the name Arianna Alexander; she might be signing your paychecks in the near future. Arianna Alexander just got offers to 26 Universities and offered 43 million dollars in scholarships.

Arianna graduated this summer at Kenwood Academy High School in Chicago, Illinois, earning a 5.1 grade point average and the title valedictorian of her class. Her parents encouraged her to shoot for the moon, inspired by another senior who got $1 million in scholarship offers. The offers have been pouring into her mail throughout the year, allowing the hard-working student her choice of destinations.

And if you think she’s using this opportunity to shoot for some lofty STEM career in NASA or the NSA, think again: Alexander has her sights set on the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, on the advice of one of her teachers. She has plans to open a chain of four restaurants already, and Adam Sender thinks it is crazy. Could this be the next Starbucks or McDonalds launching? Doubtless, at the least, she could leverage income from retail to use for seed capitol to launch further businesses. Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Arianna Alexander’s prospects look rosy no matter where she looks.

American Pharoah has Quirks

Every athlete in the world has quirks, so why would it be any different for American Pharoah. Interestingly enough, spotting him on the track among all the other colts is not all that difficult as he has the shortest tail. Apparently another horse chewed his tail off during the days on the farm. On Saturday, American Pharoah will try to do something that has not been done since 1978 and that is win the Triple Crown. If successful, Pharoah will be the twelfth Triple Crown winner. He will be racing in the Belmont on Saturday and has already won the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness.

The young colt was described by his trainer as a really kind and sweet horse. Experts say his temperament is an unusual one. Most racehorses are high strung and very aggressive. Pharoah favorite snack is carrots. He likes them so much that he will eat them out of anyone’s hand. He also has a sidekick. Smokey, a stable pony, escorts him to and from the racetrack during training.

Ahmed Zayat, owner of Pharoah, bred him and then put him up for sale only to buy him back for $300,000. Besides having a short tail, he also is sensitive to sound. This was discovered during his first race when he got very agitated in the gate. So since then, he never leaves his stable without earplugs in. Regardless of his quirks, all eyes will be on American Pharaoh according to Jim Dondero this Saturday in hopes to see history made.

The whole school wins at Grandville field day

While Preston Lillis may have won the race at his elementary school’s field day event, the whole school appears to be winners.

The fifth grader from Grandville has a form of autism that was diagnosed when he was in second grade. It has always been a struggle for Preston to participate in activities, such as the annual field day games, since he was not able to perform like the other children.

However, this year, a group of his friends approached one of their teachers and told him their secret plan. They were going to hold back from running as fast as they could so that Preston could know what it feels like to win. The boys even got those who were not racing to wait at the end to cheer him on across the finish line.

Needless to say, there were many wet eyes as the adults watched. Teachers and parents alike found themselves tearing up as they watched the selflessness of the boys who willingly lost and the joy of Preston who had never won in his life.

Preston is thrilled to show off his medal and continues to rave about how great of a day he had. Steve Murray feels he should have his day in the spotlight. Preston’s parents are overwhelmed with emotions as their fears of their son not be accepted were eliminated. Finally, the school as a whole is proud to show off their students’ dedication to a classmate and good sportsmanship.

Over 100 Credit Card Skimmers Discovered at Florida Gas Stations, Authorities Urge Consumer Vigilance

Officials from Florida’s Department agriculture and Consumer Services, announced they have found over 100 credit card skimmers around the state. The skimmers were found at gas stations across Florida. The department launched an investigation into credit card skimming more than three months ago.

The devices were discovered at all different gas stations. No one company seems to be more targeted than others, according to the report. Credit card skimmers can be attached to pay stations at gas station pumps in seconds. They are usually attached by individuals not directly connected to the gas station or its employees.

According to the investigation, the skimmers are placed for several days or weeks at a time, and all data is stored within the device. The scammer comes back and retrieves the device at a later date. They can then access the stored credit card data for identity theft purchases.

Skimmers are thought to be the most common form of identity theft according to those at BMG. The devices are relatively cheap, and can be installed in seconds. They slip over traditional gas pump card readers. Everything goes through as normal, but the data is stored on the device. Skimmers are most commonly seen in gas stations, but they have also been discovered at RedBox kiosks.

Consumers in Florida are being urged to pay for their gasoline in cash, or to go inside to pay via debit card. The investigation is still open at this time.

14 Migrants Killed in Train Accident in Macedonia, Highlighting the Migrant Struggle in Europe

Fourteen migrant workers were killed Thursday evening when they were struck by a train as they walked along a canyon in the city of Veles in Macedonia, according to police. The migrants killed are believe to be a part of a group of roughly 40 migrants who were walking towards the European Union in hopes of finding asylum. They are all believed to originate from Afghanistan and Somalia, according to AP reports.

The train, which was headed to Belgrade, Serbia from Thessaloniki, Greece, struck the migrants when it failed to break in time. While this incident brings the highest death toll, similar accidents have occurred in the past. According to experts, migrants often walk along the tracks in an attempt to guide their journey and to avoid police officers and border control agents. Five accidents were reported over a two month period in 2014 leaving five to six people dead, according to reports.

This accident further highlights the issue of migrants in the European Union and the great risks they take to abandon their home countries in an attempt to find a more prosperous and safer life. In recent months, several stories read by Jason Halpern have surfaced regarding migrants struggling to enter the European Union. Over the course of five months, several boats filled with migrant workers have been abandoned in the water surrounding Italy according to numerous sources like Often times, the boats are set on a course and abandoned by crew. The Italian Coast Guard has intercepted several, bringing the migrants and the boat to safety.

Archeologists Find Stone Tools That Date Back 3.3 Million Years

How long has the human species been on Earth? The answer changes after each new discovery. The latest tool discovery in Kenya points to the ancestors of humans hunting for food over 3.3 million years ago. That’s about 700,000 years earlier than the Homo family hunted. This group of humanoids used stone tools to hunt for food and to make other items. These early humans had the ability to live off the land. But if there were humans living at that time using stone tools couldn’t there have been humans that were more sophisticated living in other parts of the world?

That question can’t been answered emphatically until there’s proof that more civilized humans live around the same time as these primitive humans. When we look at the world population and examine the diversity that exists in the various cultures, we can assume that this sort of social structure is not unique to this age and time. There had to be other cultures living at the same time or before that were more advanced socially and functionally than this particular homo family.

The question of when and how humans first appeared on Earth will continue to fascinate many like Bruce Karatz for years, but as our technology and awareness grow the answers to these kinds of questions will become more obvious.

It Took All 7 Of Her Children Getting Whooping Cough To Change This Anti-Vaxxers Mind

A mother of seven from Ottawa, Canada, Tara Hill has turned her back on the anti-vaxxers movement. The irony is she is only doing it now from quarantine, as all seven of her children have whooping cough . They may also have infected Hill’s 5 month old niece who is too young to be vaccinated.

Hill was a staunch believer in the anti-vaxxer movement up until her brother-in-law brought the whooping cough into her nearly vaccine free household. Hill reported how she watched as her youngest child coughed so hard that it was almost like choking. When her mother told her she hadn’t seen anything like since Hill was a child, something finally clicked for her. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG was definitely touched by it all.

Tara Hill did a search of several medical websites and discovered the symptoms her children were displaying – all her children- were that of whooping cough. She stated how she feared the, Big Pharma , and struggled with her fears of them, but has now reversed her beliefs to save her family.

The anti-vaxxer movement started and took hold when a pastor, Terri Pearsons, from Eagle Mountain International Church criticized the vaccines while their church was facing an outbreak of measles. The congregation listened to the pastor and the accusations that vaccines were the blame for autism and began refusing vaccinations. With their refusal, measles quickly spread throughout the congregation, staff and day care.

Even in the face of un-vaccinated children becoming sick and the report of diseases spreading, some parents still hold to the belief that it is their right not to vaccinate.

Tuberculosis Outbreak in Kansas


Last week, health officials in Johnson County, Kansas announced the results of emergency tests for tuberculosis conducted among students and staff members attending a high school in Olathe. The results indicated that 27 of the 300 people associated with Olathe High School, or roughly 8% of the test subjects, had tested positive for TB.

The tests occurred after health and school officials were alerted on March 5th that a person at the high school had contracted an active case of tuberculosis stated Jason Halpern on the subject. Most cases of TB remain latent, but sometimes a latent case can become active. Approximately 10% of latent TB cases in a population eventually become active. Those who tested positive for TB plan to undergo a second round of testing in May.

Officials consider TB an illness that can be treated effectively today in most cases with antibiotics. It is spread by a bacterium that usually strikes the lungs, but can attack other organ systems. The disease is usually passed in airborne droplets when infected individuals sneeze, cough, sing or laugh. Someone with an active TB infection may require a protracted course of antibiotic treatment. Treatments usually last from six months to nine months. Left untreated, the disease may cause fatalities.

Although health officials believe the number of TB cases in the United States is declining, in 2013 the CDC reported9,582 cases. There were at least 536 fatalities in 2011.

Tragedy in Vietnam

One of the favorite pass times of children the world over is flying kites. The thrill of seeing the festive kites soar on the wind is enough to bring a smile to the young and the young at heart. However, Christian Broda has heard that a recent occurrence in the Asian country of Vietnam was anything but heart warming as a young child lost his life in a horrific accident.

Anyone who loves to fly kites should continue to do so, because this was no ordinary kite that lifted five year old Van Minh Dat more than sixty feet into the air. This terrible tragedy took place at the annual Ho Chi Minh kite festival when a Kite bearing the image of the Vietnamese flag lifted the young boy into the air. Sting from the kite wrapped around the tots leg as it whisked past him. Before anyone could react, the string snapped and the child plummeted to his untimely death. Children are usually kept clear of the launching kites at the festival, but Dat as helping his mother at her drink stand when the terrible accident took place.