How EOS Tapped Into Lip Balm

Everyone by now has seen EOS lip balm products in the oral care aisle at the local drug store. They are the pastel colored plastic orbs ranging in colors from pink, to orange to green and white swirl. These products are everywhere, an obvious success, so what’s their story?

Evolution of Smooth started as a small startup run by Sanjiv Mehra, Johathan Teller, and Craig Dubitsky. The three had experience in startups but also in brand packaging. They all saw the lip balm and chap stick industry as something that had come to a slow down. All of the formulas lacked flavor, and were packaged in old boring tubes. They saw this as an opportunity to get creative and make something different.

Their first buyer was at Walgreens drugstores, no surprise that the buyer was a woman. When they created their products they really got into the market and asked people what they wanted out of a chap stick or lip balm, and the overwhelming response was from females. They wanted something easy to hold, and easy to apply without getting their fingers covered in balm. They also heard the women when they said lip balm was a part of their beauty routine, so the trio created something that would be fun and enjoyable to use several times per day, every day.

After their success at Walgreens they focused on their need to meet demand rather than hype marketing. Stores like Target and Ulta began marketing EOS products too. They had special equipment developed for them that could churn out the balms as fast at they were being sold and today they manufacture their products in house. This ability has lead to endless innovation in flavor, scent, and packaging categories keeping their customers interested in satisfied in so much that the product has done most of the marketing itself.

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