Jorge Moll : Giving is Important for Humans

During the holiday, people get tired because of the shopping activities they have to engage in. There are people who love shopping, but it can sometimes become a terrifying affair. Jorge Moll, one of the world’s leading neuroscientist, all these shopping activities are worth it. Holiday shopping can impact the people who are giving in so many ways. According to Jorge Moll, the shopping will help the recipients and givers live a better life afterwards. The health and happiness of the two groups changes soon after this generous activity. The strength of a community also changes because of giving.

Jorge Moll believes that it is not a must to shop so that you can get to enjoy the benefits of giving. After conducting several researches in the past, Jorge Moll realized that people do not have to go shopping so that they can enjoy these benefits. Giving for charities will have the same impact as those who go for their holiday shopping. Giving some of your time to the less fortunate communities in the world is also a great way of giving.

Jorge Moll believes that giving will have more benefits to the people taking part in the whole activity. First of all, this simple gesture will make you feel very happy. Some of the leading universities say that when you give money to someone, you uplift their spirit and both of you end up being happy. The great feeling will be reflected in your biology after a while. The brain triggers some pleasure that leaves a beautiful glow in the face of the people involved. Jorge Moll says that giving to the poor and other people in the society has a good impact to the health of the people.

In the past, the research conducted on various people shows that most of the people who enjoyed good health are very generous compared to those who are not. The sick and elderly will also feel better when they have decided to offer some of their belongings to the less fortunate (LinkedIn). Several leading professors say that giving is the best way of preventing health problems in people. Jorge Moll says that the people who enjoy giving rarely fall sick.