The Climate & How it Affects Your Hair

Have you ever noticed that during certain times of the year managing your hair seems to get tough? Summer and Winter are the main seasons that cause these dire situations and this is why. During The Summer Season, if you live in a more humid climate, you’re hair will definitely experience some frizz actions. By the time you step out of the house…Poof, you’ll have a full blown Afro. The Winter Season can be harsh as well and if you’re located in a much colder climate, your hair will tend to lose volume, become, flat, and possibly break. I good rule of thumb would be to use “gentle” haircare products instead of the most powerful. Gentle products seem to work better especially when they’re used consistently. Harsh products are too strong and actually enhances the problem at times.

Shampoo and Conditioning with gentle ingredients of an organic substance works wonders and delvers great results. Being organic, these ingredients works with your hair instead of covering up the issues such as chemical based products. Have you ever heard of a guy named Chaz Dean? Chaz Dean is one of the world’s leading haircare stylist and has worked on the heads of many famous celebrities. He has a firm knowledge base of what it takes to keep your hair looking great, but in a natural way. His line of haircare products known as WEN hair by Chaz, personifies this notion perfectly.

WEN by Chaz comes in the form of gel, pomade, mousse, sprays, and crème. It’s a universal product line meaning that any and all race of people with different textures can safely use it. The brand is an actual reflection of Dean’s healthy lifestyle and he put those exact values in his products. No matter the climate, WEN by Chaz is the best weapon of choice.

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