The Unique Cleansing System of WEN by Chaz

One young woman decided the Internet was a good place to post a journal of her experience with a new cleansing shampoo. The young woman chose to post her week long account on Bustle, where other people would be able to see the results she achieved. Her article starts by letting people know the condition of her hair before trying the WEN hair cleansing conditioner. She also states how she followed the directions exactly as they were stated on the bottle. She used the Sephora sold Wen hair sweet almond mint cleansing conditioner six out of the seven days she wrote about. The one day she decided to skip using it, she noticed her hair reverted back to its oily state.

WEN’s Unique Hair Cleansing System

People who are new to the Wen hair cleansing conditioner will find it does not lather the same way traditional shampoos do. This is because the WEN products do not contain any harsh sulfates. The formula for WEN utilizes a lot of natural plant extracts to keep hair from being stripped of its own oil. This specially designed formula helps keep hair soft, silky and manageable. The extracts used in the different varieties lend their own unique properties to the products to help resolve the different issues people have with their hair.

The process of cleansing the hair begins by working the cleansing conditioner through the hair and onto the scalp. The product is then rinsed from the hair to leave hair clean and manageable. For people who have problems with oily, dry or frizzy hair, it is recommended to repeat the cleansing process and then work a small amount of product into the hair when done. By following the recommended procedure for cleansing the hair, the WEN hair products have been shown to improve even the most difficult types of hair.