USHealth Group Leads the Industry in Growth and Innovation

For 50 years US HealthGroup has served its members with a consistency in products that are unmatched by their competitors. The Texas Company has effectively integrated some of the best products known to the insurance industry.Throughout the 50 years USHealth Group has been in the insurance industry, the core message the company has relayed is that their members are unique and they do not subscribe to a “one size fits all” belief. What sets USHealth Group apart in the most profound way from its counterparts is this message of innovation, and a commitment to those they serve.USHealth Group serves more than 15 million members nationwide and that number continues to grow every day. With a growing population and distinctive health care needs, USHealth Group is in a great position to meet that growth and continue to exceed expectations. The company continues to develop creative and unparalleled value to their members.

There are always going to be other companies who offer a product, however, the solutions by USHealth Group offers to its members create an opportunity beyond comparison.Products, such as LifeProtector, provide peace of mind to members. USHealth Group has designed a pioneering product that is tailored to the specifics of a member’s way of life. It is a product which provides a value to members by assuring the needs of their families are protected in times of uncertainty. Because of a commitment to value and care, USHealth Group continues to offer a portfolio of products that are designed for flexibility, affordability and security.As an award winning company for its products and service, USHealth Group sets the bar high for other companies to follow. They provide members with assurances of value, protection, and exceptional service. Health care is an industry where customers can get lost in navigating themselves through many decisions with managing their needs.Find them on Facebook: Click here.

USHealth Group provides a commitment to excellence for removing that obstacle. The hallmark of the company’s achievements are directly related to this excellence and providing high satisfaction for their members.In 2013, USHealth Group was named as one of the Top 50 North America call centers. They ranked high among elite companies within their marketplace. USHealth Group is coveted by other companies for its claim processing and payment cycles. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.USHealth Group remains the leading insurer in North America due to its commitment to the products and service the company continues to innovate. For this reason, USHealth Group will remain unmatched in a competitive market that has afforded the public many options. Members who want to receive innovative products and unprecedented services of excellence will continue to select USHealth Group for their insurance needs.

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