Millennial Entrepreneur Billy McFarland Is Creating VIP Experiences For Generation

The generation that marketers have dubbed as millennials tend to pursue leisure and build their lives in ways that seem almost antithetical to the generations that came before them.

For instance, rather than settling down in one profession and one position for decades at a time, young people often find themselves transitioning from one position and one profession to the next, often due to market forces that have changed the way that the world conceives of work.

Rather than spend years climbing a corporate ladder some millennials are opting to take a chance on themselves and their ideas by starting companies where they can bring a dream to fruition and run a company on their terms.

Other young people are opting not to spend their money on items traditionally seen as assets like cars and mortgages, but instead spend their money on experiences like concerts and vacations to locales half-way across the world. According to Business Insider, young entrepreneur named Billy McFarland is arguably the quintessential millennial story as he works to provide VIP experiences aimed at millennial professionals through a company that he founded at the age of 23.

McFarland is the founder of Magnises, a company launched in 2014, that provides discounts to some of the most high-end restaurants and hotels in the country and easy access to swanky clubs and events. McFarland’s company has adopted the idea of the Black card, a luxury credit card known to come with fancy perks, and made it available to professionals that are willing to shell out $250 a year for membership.

Young professionals can apply for the Magnises card, which is more of a membership card than a credit card though it can be linked to a credit card, and when they are approved they will be given a black steel card that they can use to get into clubs and to get into events like parties held at Magnises’ sophisticated penthouse.

The card recently debuted a slew of new features that are aimed at meeting the needs of young professionals. For instance, Magnises card holders can now get access to a co-working space in New York City for just under $100 a month. Magnises members that have an active nightlife can take advantage of what is known as the company’s ClubPass. For a monthly fee of $65 ClubPass won’t have to worry about whether or not they will be able to get into some of the city’s most upscale nightclubs.