Equities First Holdings; Excellence In Security-Based Lending.

Equities First Holdings is a firm that deals with stock-based lending and is focused on coming up with credit options that are both efficient and fast. Their excellence in service provision is felt mostly by large enterprises as well as by individual businesspeople with a high net-worth seeking to find non-purpose capital. Equities First aims at being able to provide their security based lending services on a global scale. This remarkable firm also offers loan options that are inclusive of financial shareholding as well as margin loans.

So far Equities First Holding has offices across the globe. They have seven offices located in the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Their attractive liquidity rates offered against publicly traded shares to businesses and investors is what makes them popular. They offer their services without bias to business investors as well as executives of public companies. Founded in 2002 by Al Christy this company has it headquarters in Indianapolis. Equities First Holding is reputed for their speed in helping clients get liquidity; they boast to have completed over a thousand transactions for customers around the globe.

Equities First Holdings are known for their remarkable focus on each client. This is what enables them to handle the customers on a deal by deal basis. They are also very straightforward in offering their solutions. Equities First is also reputed for their focus on the specific needs of each client and dedication towards ensuring that each of the clients gets solutions customized to his needs. This is arguably what has propelled this firm to its global level. Their approach to securities based lending empowers their clients to quickly achieve their objectives with great efficiency as well as flexibility.

Equities First Holdings is very focused on easing the processes that are related to acquisition of liquidities. This is evident in their significant reduction of the stress that is involved with finding funding from conventional means such as banks. They are guided by strong principles of providing first-class services to each of their clients. This firm is complemented by its remarkable partnership with some of the world’s leading custodian banks, leading investment banks and reputable law firms in both international and local jurisdictions.