Benefits Of Lime Crime Products


Lime Crime is a very popular makeup company that has been on the market for many years. They are known all around the world for their amazing products and great quality. Below are just a few of the many reasons why they are so popular.


Vegan friendly


Each and every product is vegan friendly meaning they are not made with any animal products are any by animal products. They are backed by PETA.


Cruelty free


Along with being vegan friendly the products are also cruelty free meaning they are never tested on animals.


Unique Packaging


Each and every product offers unique and interesting packaging. One of the most uniquely packaged items is the Unicorn lipstick. The Unicorn lipstick comes in an iconic Pink Tube with a white unicorn on it, making it extremely popular in the BeautyBay Lime Crime storefront.


Bold colors


The bold and expressive colors are another one of the main reasons why the company is so popular. They offer a large variety of colors that other brands simply do not offer. They offer unique lip colors such as black, mint green, yellow, orange, purple and even blue.


Easily available


Since day one the creators wanted to make each product very easily accessible to women and even men all over the world. Although the company first began with only online sales there are a few select locations that sell Lime Crime products.


Affordable pricing


The company offers very affordable pricing compared to other high quality brands.


High quality ingredients


Aside from using bold and expressive colors each product also offers high-quality ingredients.


Long lasting power


Each product is designed to last a long time. Most products will not fade or smudge.


Although there are many different reasons why Lime Crime is such a popular Cosmetic Company these are just a few of the main reasons. Everyday they strive to offer the most unique and innovative beauty products on the market. Not only do they offer fun expressive colors but they are also vegan friendly and help the environment.